Infrared Turkey Fryer Review

There is nothing like the taste of deep fried turkey. For those folks who are still sticking with the baking method for turkey, well, they just do not know what they're missing, do they? Baked turkey is okay, but fried turkey is out of this world!

The best deep fried turkey is crispy on the outside and has delicious tasting juicy meat on the inside. This distinctive flavor combination has been enjoyed on Thanksgiving Day for many generations. Yet, the one thing that you always have to fear about frying a turkey is not the turkey, but the oil inside of a deep fryer igniting into an unwanted, and dangerous, fireball. Accidental fires caused by unattended turkey fryers have ruined many outside decks and homes. So, how can you enjoy your favorite fried turkey without all the worry?

The answer is to get yourself an infrared turkey fryer.

How Does it Work?

The infrared turkey fryer has a double wall cooking chamber that holds in the infrared heat, which radiates all around the turkey. This strong heat is what cooks the turkey evenly without a drop of oil. Now, you may be wondering where the heat actually comes from, and the answer to that is it has a bottom burner that is fueled by an attached propane tank.

Once you turn it on, the fuel from the propane mixes with the air to create the flames. From that point, hot air rises up through the oblong container creating the convection action that produces plenty of heat for cooking a 16-pound turkey.

Why Infrared Cooking is Safer Than Regular Fryers

Most experienced cooks, who are used to the old way of frying, will acknowledge that they have some worries about cooking with hot oil. Peanut oil, and any other type of oil that is put into a cooker, is going to be highly flammable if it gets over a certain temperature. Unless you are able to watch that pot every second, there's always a chance that a fire can erupt and spread quickly before you have time to react.

In fact, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has noted that a majority of turkey cooker fires started while the oil was being heated up. This means it's very dangerous to leave a traditional hot cooker unattended. With the infrared turkey fryer, you no longer have to worry about this because there is not any oil needed.

Healthy Eating

If you're moving towards more healthy eating, using an infrared turkey fryer is a perfect way to ensure that your turkey is still tasty, but is not drenched with lots of fat. The fryer has a compartment at the bottom that allows the juices to drain off, and of course, there's no oil involved so the turkey cooks in its own natural juice.

For extra flavor, you can inject flavorings inside of the turkey or place special seasonings under the skin. The seasonings will give the meat a burst of flavor that stays during the entire cooking process. Your guests will be amazed that your fried turkey tastes just as good – or even better than the oil-cooked version.

Ease of Use

Forget about all of the work involved with purchasing the expensive oil, figuring out a safe place to cook the bird, cleaning up the mess left afterwards and disposing of the used oil. Simply prepare your turkey, place it inside of the infrared turkey fryer, turn it on and allow it to cook for the set amount of time. It's easy, environmentally friendly and a lot faster than the traditional method.