Ink R265 – The Stylus R265 Printer Review Guide

The Epson R265 though is too bulky, much like its brothers and sisters in the R series all-in-one printer. But, what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in performance, so it helps to have some extra space in your home or office for you to store the R265 printer.

The Epson Stylus R265 comes with a lovely silver and black design with a control panel at the front. Towards the back of the R265 printer is the cover which reveals a R265 Printer Cartridges printer ink carrier, containing 6 types of printer ink cartridge. The ink cartridges are the T0801 black ink, T0802 Cyan ink, T0803 Magenta ink, T0804 Yellow ink, T0805 Light Cyan ink, T0806 Light Magenta ink.

The Epson R265 also comes with added DVD / CD printing by means of the DVD / CD carrier that comes with the machine, this allows you to print off covers for your DVDs and CDs for presentation.

You can connect your camera to the Epson R265 printer by using PictBridge socket to print your photos. The other alternative is to connect to the printer using the USB 2.0 socket.

The Epson R265 printer has a lot of software that comes with the model to make printing easier. There are software such as Web-to-page to allow you to print full web pages, and easy photo print to manage bulk printing.

Look for compatible printer ink cartridges for the Epson R265 as the originals can be rather expensive, mostly if you are a regular user of the printer, which can be found all over the internet.

Generally, this Epson R265 printer is a good printer, with a good engine, even if the design is bulky, but if you put reliability over performance then this printer is the one you want.