Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Inkjet printers are the most affordable and popular printers available today; they offer high quality and fine detailed printing output. The advent of the inkjet printer has made printing much easier and faster.

Since the 1980s, inkjet printers have evolved to become the most common printers used in homes and offices. Inkjet printers work by spraying minute dots of ink onto the paper through nozzles in the printer head. This type of printer is best used for low-cost, low-volume printing.

An important component of an inkjet printer is the inkjet printer cartridge. Inkjet printer cartridges are the receptacles that hold the ink before it is transferred to the paper or other printing medium. Typically, a single ink cartridge can produce 300 to 800 printed pages per cartridge. The main drawback of inkjet printers is that ink will run out quickly. Unfortunately, replacement ink cartridges usually come at a hefty price. Also, the printer heads of inkjets are also newer to clogging, and the ink cartridge will need to be replaced.

Ink, ink cartridges, and other consumables are very expensive. A new black ink cartridge you as much as $ 13, while a color ink cartridge may cost as much as $ 80. If you use the printer heavily, your printing costs can easily run up to the thousands. Fortunately, there are now less expensive alternatives available in the market. A compatible, non-branded ink cartridge meets the same standards that original cartridges do. However, beware of buying counterfeit ink cartridges, as these will do more damage than good. To ensure that you get only high-quality replacement ink cartridges, purchase only from an authorized and reputable seller. There are online retailers of both OEM and aftermarket ink cartridges, where you can shop conveniently and quickly. Make sure you buy only good-quality ink cartridges to prolong the life of the printer.