Innocent Words Turned Awry

Due to refusal of admittance, the following “profanity” shall be completely “censored”.

can you remember a time where all normal words were used to explain their true meanings? Why is it that whenever a “bad” word is said it is either censored or regarded as only vulgar, despite the context it is used in? Many of you would probably think that they have never changed, others would argue that the meanings of words have changed over time due to changes in culture. The truth of it is words never change their meaning, people change the meanings of words. People do it for their convenient, and most often times negative, use to please them and select others.

If you doubt that, just think for once of the meanings of previously innocent words changed in modern times. The biggest being various insulting words that have been twisted to relay abuse upon a specified person or act; not to mention vulgar meanings of other words. Now that we have a taste of some commonly used swear and offensive words, let us look at the original and true meanings of the words before they were perversely changed to a different definition of the word:

o *** – to work to exhaustion; toil (v). A flaw in a woven fabric; a drudge (n).

o ****** – a bundle of wood used for fuel; a bundle of metal to be worked into bars by hammering at a high temperature.

o ******* – an afraid, stingy person.

o ***** – a female dog, wolf, fox, etc.

o *** – any animal resembling horses but having a shorter mane.

o ******* – a male donkey.

o *** – joyous and lively; merry; happy; lighthearted.

o ******* – a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child.

o *** – a person whose religion is judaism.

o ******* – a thin, crisp biscuit; a firecracker.

Obviously, a look at these words at another perspective offers no sense of insult, but a simple description of the noun. Then how has it that all these words, and more, have become greater offensive in the eyes of american people? Habit is a big influence; years upon years of use of the specific word for hateful purposes caused the word, no matter the root meaning, to become detested in the eyes of the people. Now what if farmers had started calling slaves laggards instead of ******** and women a sow instead of a *****? You would be hearing stations avoid the use of the words laggard and sow and hear insults ringing out in schools in an entirely different vocabulary than today.

Almost all of the current swear words originate from a hateful intent to insult other people, resulting in some words being more offensive than others from the general public’s point of view. To put it bluntly, the words that had the biggest complaint were exiled leaving all of the other “less” offensive words okay to use in most places. Frankly, true swear words are any words used to curse something which can range from **** (a severe made-up derogatory noun) to something as simple as stupid (a very common belittling adjective). Ironically what should be considered the worst things to possibly say due to laws in numerous religions , saying god’s name in vain, is no longer considered a swear word or even bad to say. Kind of makes one think about the changes society is so willing to allow unabridged.

Yet what about the words that mean the same as they always did? A perfect example of this is calling someone a jew, something that should only be said as a descriptive term as far as religion and origin, not a joke or an insult which has no grounds to be such. In recent times, being called a christian, catholic, muslim, or a jew had come as almost a bad thing to a good amount of people in america. The reasons for why this type of thing would happen is greatly affected by the corruptness of the catholic church, a good portion of christians being hypocrites as well as their dedication even when fate affects them as well as non-christians, some muslims are terrorists, and everybody being use to making fun of and hating jewish people for the world’s problems caused by hateful lies spread throughout the world due to their shocking success in economy and wars.

If people learned to love everyone as humans there would not be a racial/religious/gender/etc. Hate problem that causes so many violent and disturbing problems in the world. Of course the only piece of writing that teaches universal love (not necessarily acceptance) is the new testament in the bible, which is a big problem due to those who hate christians, don’t believe in god, or don’t follow the bible. Many people don’t want their lives to be restricted by a law of an infinitely greater being than themselves; more victims of pride at the sake of a peaceful world.

Many of those who may like the ideas the bible don’t like the idea of preserving all human life (anti-abortion) and natural relations with the opposite gender (homosexuality), both technically legal to a degree and in the progress to become more accepted and open. Although throughout history, laws against such things were made to maintain and protect human morality and well-being. Christians’ main arguments against these topics revolve mostly around natural order and the law of the bible. No matter what way you look at it, the only way a person to naturally like another person of the same gender sexually would be the result of a severe mutation of the person’s endocrine system near birth that would more or less make a “she-male” out of the person (a very obscure statistical amount). Any other reason for being gay is to satisfy a sexual desire due to comfort the feel in their own gender and pushing it to an unnatural level or simply unrestrained feelings of lust that they crave.

As far as abortion goes, the world has grown increasingly desensitized and more selfish in terms of convenience against ethics; in turn fighting for their right to manipulate future life because it’s their’s and should be able to do what they want with it. The ease of destroying life in the womb and a clouded perception of life in the womb as being no life at all sends a very bad picture of moral sanity in the world. There is a universal exception to the allowance of abortion though, if it is needed to save the life of the mother than it is understandable, but is not warrant for any other abortions. All other reasons for killing a child can be solved by adoption centers and cutting down on the producers’ lustful desires (in which some “rapes” are usually used as a surefire excuse for abortion).

Explanations need to be made in order to show why different words are treated in different degrees of seriousness. Some words haven’t been changed though, but made up to express a vulgar or perfectly innocent term. Words such as **** and **** have no previous meanings, but were made up to express great insult and vulgarity into the world. Other words like ain’t and whatchamacallit are perfectly innocent and accepted into the english language as new words, as the swear words were also.

Finally we come to the slang of the swear words. I’m not going to get into unnecessary depths of the meanings and reasons for slang terms, i’m just going to give it to you straight. If the word, slang or otherwise, is offensive you can just consider that a curse word even if it’s not in the dictionary. If the intent behind the a if fueled by hate, you can pretty much assume that it’s bad and not to overlook as funny or unoffensive. So remember, a curse/swear word is only bad if used by the producer to mean as such. And who knows, thirty years from now venot may be considered a terrible word because of a jerk deciding there just wasn’t the right offensive word he wanted so he made one up and it got popular.