Innovative Solar Appliance Makes Use of the Sun to Cook Meals

A solar appliance makes use of renewable energy from the sun to perform specific tasks, such as cooking or heating. An excellent example of this type of appliance is the solar oven.

Solar ovens are outdoor cooking devices that utilize the sun's energy. While there are different types of sun ovens available in the market, they all share the same main principles: concentrating sunlight, converting it into heat, and trapping heat.

These devices are cost-efficient and environmentally-viable alternatives to conventional ovens that require fuel for cooking. They can be used to prepare anything that can be cooked in a conventional stove, and are much cheaper to operate and maintain compared to traditional cooking devices. Aside from basic cleaning, little or no maintenance is required for this solar appliance. This also reduces the demand for burnable fuels such as gas, wood, or charcoal, which can have a detrimental effect on the environment.

While it is possible to create a DIY solar oven, its efficiency largely relies on the materials used. A well designed oven should reach 350-400 degrees F. within 25 minutes and hold a constant temperature through the cooking or baking process. And because sun ovens rarely only on the sun's energy, there is no danger of fire.

Sun ovens are becoming popular not just in developing countries, but in many homes across the United States. Aside from helping to significantly reduce fuel consumption costs, this solar appliance also provides an effective means for contributing to the worldwide drive to save the environment.