Inside a Gambler and Gamer's Mind

Whatever addictions you're in, share one factor that the others have; you get hooked up.

As the world of video games progresses, people seemed to make more debts about it as months pass whether it may be about suicide or other deaths that supposedly to be "related" to the topic. This makes the idea of ​​video game addiction more controversial although this is not something that's in the books of American Psychological Association.

Gambling and video game addiction share the same uncontrollable urge to engage with the activity. The consequences and thoughts would most of the time be disregarded because of the obsession to partake in it.

Gambling and video game addiction share the same impulse control disorder where players develop hot-hotheadedness when they failed to do what they wanted to do. Losing in betting money and in fighting off a villain is something that the players would not ever want to happen. When that incident happens, the players develop a tantrum which is dangerous.

Both video game addiction and gambling addiction would most of the time be spending a lot of money in exchange for virtual materials and a "chance" to get richer. Even if the amount of money that a gamer rends is not as big as a gambler's expense, the effect is still the same; obsession of spending, and depression when you have nothing.

Dopamine is released inside the brain to create pleasure and satisfaction. This creates the hook factor that we're talking about and this is what the addicts search for as they progress along with the game.

As addicts search for the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction, they spend more and more time in what they do. The minimum time would usually take about four hours a day. Suddenly, you'll notice that yourself that you're investing more and more time with the activity.

Yes addiction is one of the worst things you can go through in life. People use addiction as an escape to their problems that they're dealing with. Gamblers would gamble their money in a hope to make it bigger, food obsessed people will eat anything as if they do not get full and game addicts would use it as an escape from reality.

Developing addiction is one of the more powerful problems that anyone can have. Taking full control of it is not that easy not unless you develop the will power to do so.

Remember that you're addiction started from the mind and you can end it with your mind.