Inspiration Inside You Breathed by God

When you receive the Seal you become like a little garden, just like when God created the earth. When God was done creating all the flora and fauna of the garden He created the man by inspiration.

First God created the light and separated it from the darkness. Then the first day happened. And on that first day God created the air of the Heaven with waters in the Heavens separate from waters upon the earth.

This air is your own spirit, and the waters of the earth are the Holy Spirit. So upon the earth you become the Holy Spirit abides, and in the air of that earth your own spirit is mixed together with the Holy Spirit.

On the second day Godave the earth some form – He gathered the waters into one place and dry land into other places. The waters are your belly where the Holy Spirit abides. The dry land is your soul where you are sealed.

This was when God created all the flora of the garden growing upon the earth. And this is when you may begin to bear your first fruit in your own little garden you become.

But the garden is not complete and balanced until the rest of the life is created. On the third day God created the greater and lesser lights, the sun and the moon, and he also created the stars.

The light of the sun is the light of Jesus which shines upon you when you believe in Jesus. This is an important element of the life of your garden. All the fluora need the light of Jesus to live and grow.

And the flora need more than just the light of Jesus. They need the air, which is your spirit. They need the soil, which is your soul sanctified by God the Father. And they need the water, which is the Holy Spirit.

On the fourth day God created some fauna to go with the flora. He created the life of the sea by the Holy Spirit. And with the help of your own spirit He created the birds of the air.

On the fifth day God made the rest of the fauna of the garden, and that was when He created man in His own Image. Indeed He made man in the Image of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

On the sixth day God finished up all the work. And there was plenty of work to finish. There were all the details of the earth and the surrounding Heavens to finish – quite a little job.

But despite the most glorious job he did was creating the people. The man was made in the Image of God and reflected much of His glory from the beginning.

And the glory of God is an extreme glory. That is the glory He breathed into the man by inspiration. That is the glory that cave the soul of the man life. And when his soul had life his own little garden lived.

Because Adam, the first man, was sealed. Just like the Prophets. They were sealed. The apostles were sealed too. And just like Jesus. Jesus Christ Himself was sealed.

When you are sealed God will plant a little garden in you. It starts with the creation of the earth when he creates that little garden. And it is complete when He gives the man of the garden life by inspiration. You too will have His Life When you receive the Seal.