Installation Considerations for Wall Hung Bathroom Suites

A wall hung bathroom suite can be the ideal addition to a contemporary bathroom remodel, adding just the right air of easy to clean practicality and minimalist style. Keeping the bathroom floor clear is an especial advantage in small bathrooms, where the extended floor area on show makes the bathroom appear larger than it is.

If you’re thinking of buying a wall hung bathroom suite, think about the installation stage early on in the decision making process. You need to know whether your bathroom walls are strong enough to bear the weight of a wall hung suite and (in the case of the toilet) its occupant. Of course, structural supports will be in place – your wall hung toilet and concealed cistern will be supported by a metal hanging frame hidden in the wall or within your bathroom furniture units – but your wall has to have sufficient inherent strength. If it does not, consider whether it is worth the additional effort and expense of strengthening or replacing the relevant wall, or whether a streamlined back-to-wall suite would make a suitable compromise for you.

Another thing to remember is that you won’t have the floor standing aspect of your sanitaryware (the pedestal of your basin and the floor of your toilet bowl) to help you in ensuring that the item in question is level. If you’re considering a DIY installation, make sure you have a spirit level, and you know how to use it! Wall hung bathroom suites look less attractive if they’re attached to the wall at a slant.

When you buy your wall hung toilet, you’ll need to purchase a mounting frame and concealed cistern, too. Often, these are sold separately rather than as part of a single pack: do make sure you’ve got everything you need before installation day, to save yourself a potentially costly last minute dash to a local bathroom supply yard.

Think, too, about where your existing soil pipe is positioned. If it goes out through the wall, you should be able to find a wall hung toilet with a waste outlet that will match your existing soil pipe, and this will minimise work and keep installation costs down. However, if your existing toilet has an outlet for waste that goes down through the floor, no wall hung toilet will be able to use the soil pipe you already have. The cost of moving the pipe should be factored into your bathroom installation budget, and you should consult a plumber as to the practicalities of the work involved.

Your bathroom suite manufacturer should supply fitting instructions along with your bathroom suite: ensure that you do follow these instructions as not only could you miss out a vital step by not reading them properly, your sanitaryware could also become damaged through incorrect installation and misuse.