Installation for a Cabinet Cooling Fan Is Easy for Any DIY Pro

Dealing with things like a router, cable box, gaming console, and Blu Ray player all in one cabinet makes for a hot box, and produces a lot of dust. So much that most realize the minimal air circulation will the equipment in less time than one would think.

Many resort to removing the doors to their cabinet, but for anyone concerned about how their living, media or bedroom looks the best bet is to install a fan using a cabinet cooling fan kit.

If a DIY expert, one can follow the step-by-step guide to professionally install a temperature-controlling, quiet fan that keeps any electronics cabinet cool and helps components last long and function properly.

Needed Materials

· A cabinet cooling fan kit. Most experts recommend a single or dual thermal-controlled fan. Take into account the side of the cabinet the fan will be installed on.

· Leveling tool

· Drill and proper bit

· Masking tape

· Jigsaw

· Screwdriver

· Measuring device

Step 1: Figure out where the fan will go, then mark its placement

Placing of the fan will vary depending on the owner’s needs. Think wisely, if most of the equipment is housed on the first shelf of the cabinet, it makes sense to place the fan parallel to that shelf.

As soon as the place for the fan is set, simply mark the middle point with a writing utensil. Then take the masking tape, and make an outline of the fan that came with the cabinet cooling fan kit. Next, center the fan unit over the marked middle point and the tape. Use a leveling tool to level the fan, and do to trace the outline of the fan on top of the tape.

The reason for using tape is to keep the cabinet from being damaged. While it’s not a needed step it’s a smart one.

Step 2: Cut the hole

At this point the DIY expert can get their drill. It’s recommended to use a ½ inch bit. Make two holes in opposite corners of the square that was traced for the fan to saw it out more easily. With the saw, saw right on the traced line carefully and use the drilled holes as the perfect place to begin. Take the square that was cut out and make sure the cabinet cooling fan of the kit, fits.

Step 3: Put together the fan and install it!

While this process differs depending on the cabinet cooling fan kit that was bought, it’s pretty universal. Still, many prefer to check the manual that came with their kit first. Typically, one would hook the fan to the grill first, and making sure that the right side is facing out. Then that entire assembly is attached to the mounting plate. At that point the entire unit can be inserted into the hole.

Take the drill and a 1/16-inch twist-style drill bit. Use it to drill four holes in the corners of the mounting plate; keep them shallow. This step is completed to make it easier to put the screws into the cabinet. Last, take a screwdriver, use it to insert the screws inside the previously drilled holes. This is all it takes to mount the fan into the cabinet!

Of course, there’s a good chance the installation expert will have questions. IN that case, it’s smart to consult the product manual. It will also state what to do to power up the fan and get busy cooling that expensive equipment!