Installation of a Hardwood Floor Using Wide Planks

To install the wide-plank floor the supplies that are needed are the flooring boards, nails, a circular saw, quick square, and a hammer. If it is your first time installing a floor it takes about 14 hours to install the floor in a room that is 10 foot by 15 foot. If you are an experienced person, you can probably do the job in about 8 hours.

The wide plank floor boards are different from regular wood flooring because despite the length of the floor boards can have the tongue and groove notches like regular wood flooring, the ends do not. They are flat and get nailed into the floor joists. This meant that the first thing that I had to do when I wanted to install my new flooring was to get down to the sub-floor so that I could see where the joists were. Since my sub-flooring was plywood, I could tell where the joists were because of the nail pattern on the wood. I wanted the old-time look to my floor so I used cut nails that had square heads.

Wide plank floor boards have the draw back of expanding and contracting more than regular floor boards so they have to be nailed to the joists. The floor joists were 16 inches apart so placing the first board flush against the wall and corner, it had to be nailed to each of the joists. The nails needed to be at least 3/4 inch from the edge of the board to keep the individual boards from splitting. Each board is then aligned with the previous board with the wide-width lengths flush together.

When you reach the opposite wall, it may be necessary to trim the final length of wood to make it fit snugly. If you do not feel comfortable with this process, you may choose to cut away part of the jamb and slide the board underneath. This can be done with an undercutting saw and then using a screwdriver to remove the excess. Good luck and have fun!