Installing A Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar In Your Home

If you enjoy doing pull ups but struggle finding a great place to do them, a ceiling mounted pull up bar may be a great option for you. Many home exercisers resort to using cheaper solutions that leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality and stability. The popular doorway bars can be unsafe and the stand alone kind can be wobbly and make you feel as though it will tip over at any time. The solution is to have one mounted in your home since this will provide the best solution over the long term.

When you consider purchasing a bar to mount to your ceiling, you should first understand the amount of space you have to work with. Many of these bars can be rather large so it's important to measure out a spot and then pay close attention to the overall measurements of the bar before you buy. You would not want to bring one of these home only to discover that there is not enough room for it or your ceiling is not high enough for proper clearance.

Once you have the perfect bar picked out, it's time for the installation. Many people prefer to have a handyman install these since they can be rather tricky. Of course, all of them come with installation instructions and can easily be installed if you want to take the time to figure it out. Some even include a video or have a link to a helpful video on their website that you can easily follow. However, if you feel unsure of your workmanship, it's best to bring in a professional and have them do it the correct way.

It's important that you install a bar like this in a low traffic area like a bedroom or a basement. Of course, if you have a dedicated workout room, this is the perfect place for it. The whole idea is to create a solution that will give you gym quality results without having to go to the gym so be sure and put it somewhere that's easily accessible. In other words, do not put it in a place that is difficult to get to like a cluttered storage area.

Installing a pull up bar on your ceiling is not as difficult as most people think. As long as you have the space and are serious about exercising at home, it makes perfect sense to invest in one of these for your home. Your exercise program will only be as good as your equipment will allow so opt for a solution that will allow you to get a quality workout now and for many years to come.