Installing Deck Porch Railings

Getting the Right Deck Porch Railings

Deck porch railings come in many styles. Unlike years ago, when we could use any style we wanted, today parents need to be careful of what types they use for safety reasons. Deck balusters or deck porch railings need to be no more than 4″ apart, the average size of an infant’s head.

Deck balusters are the vertical pieces of decking that are situated at regular intervals between the posts you have in your deck railing. The reason for the maximum distance is for safely reason so small children will not fall from the deck. Children love trying to maneuver between small spaces, so the measurements must be of such that they do not pose a threat to their safety. Whereas years ago deck railings were all similar and very simple, today they come in a variety of colors and materials.

New Look in Balusters

The old time balusters were wood pickets or boards that were situated in a straight line. As beautiful as wood can be, it had a tendency to splinter over time as well as needing maintenance periodically. Painting was also required from time to time, which tended to be difficult. Although you can still purchase wood balusters, many people prefer these; they can now be purchased with many other materials. Many of these new materials will give you the old style classic look that’s become so popular today. Many people don’t like change, but consider checking out some of these new styles of balusters, which now require less maintenance.

Different Styles of Balusters

The traditional balusters are now available in powder-coated aluminum and come in either square or round shapes. They are easy to install, requiring only screws that cot into the railing. Color coordinated screws make it almost impossible to see them. With these new aluminum balusters, you’ll no longer have to spend time sanding or painting to keep them looking fresh and new.

Aluminum balusters are becoming very popular when used with deck porch railings. Their appearance is very similar to forged wrought iron, but cost a lot less then balusters made of real wrought iron. The two most popular colors they are available in, bronze and black, go with almost anything. These colors go with the very popular wood railings, but there are other colors available as well. Some of the designs and styles these come in include colonial, baroque, arc, etc. Installing them is very easy with the screw connectors. Stainless steel is another easy to maintain material for balusters and require little or no painting or maintenance.

Another decorative material, glass, is very popular. Glass balusters are made of transparent Perspex or thick safety glass. Their stainless steel screw kit that accompanies the glass balusters make them very easy to install. Many people that don’t have rambunctious young children choose glass balusters.

As you can see, no longer will your deck include boring and drab balusters or deck porch railings. With the many different styles and colors available, your deck can become a real showcase of beauty and comfort.