Installing Elevators in Commercial Buildings

Installing elevators in commercial buildings will be a great help to mobility challenged individuals since it would enable them to access stairways safely and comfortably. These are also ideal for all kinds of users working in multistory buildings. Being cost-effective accessibility equipments, these devices are commonly used in commercial establishments such as hospitals, schools, railway stations, churches, and lodges.

A Range of Unique Safety Features

Commercial elevator models suitable for high rise as well as low rise buildings can be bought. The majority of the elevator models designed for use in commercial buildings can accommodate loads from 1000 lbs to 6000 lbs. There are also models which can be operated using hydraulic or electric power. Hydraulic elevators are ideal for use in buildings having two to eight floors.

The different models of elevators which can be installed in commercial buildings are integrated with outstanding safety features. These include emergency alarm and light, negative pressure module valve, interlocks for doors, backup lighting, telephone system, slack rope safety system, hand rails, emergency stop control, over speed governor, automatic swing doors and many more.

Quiet and Smooth Movement

Commercial elevators can be also controlled from outside using the up and down button placed on each floor. Commercial elevator models designed to transport freights are provided with a stop switch. This aids in holding the door open for effortless loading and unloading of materials. Open and close button controls are also provided for opening and closing the elevator doors.

Commercial elevator models can be installed in existing as well as new buildings. The installation procedure is also simple. Several of the models can be installed in a small space. Further, all the models ensure the user with noiseless and smooth movement through the floors.

Buy Products with Warranty

For purchasing elevators for commercial buildings, always depend on trusted manufacturers. Renowned manufacturers in the field include ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Federal Elevator. These companies offer excellent elevator models with ample warranty through their dealers. These dealers are proficient enough to take care of the installation and maintenance services of your elevator.