Installing Gas Lighting

We have always liked the old world charm of Gas Lighting. When we made a decision to build our own house we knew we needed to install them on the front porch of our home in the build process. We straight away asked our designer to modify our home plans, and he quickly revised them to add gas lanterns on the front porch. This naturally needed the addition of a gas line to each side of the porch. The very good news is that during construction it is straightforward to add extra gas piping. After construction things get extremely complicated. If you believe this is something that you desire in your new place, add it during construction. Points to think about When Installing Gas Lights Isolation Valves: make sure your plumber installs isolation valves on the piping to the gas lights. Most gas lights come with a tiny grease filled valve that over time may leak or fail. It is very much easier to close an isolation valve and replace the defective part than to shut down your whole gas to the house. This may be very inconvenient in winter.

Correct Mounting: Correct mounting is a crucial consideration. You must purchase lights that may be simply removed for cleaning and / or repair. Our lights came with a bracket that could be a square ring that the lights simply slide into. All I need to do is loosen the gas line and lift the gas light out. Gas Type: what sort of Gas will you use? This may be a major consideration. Whether you select propane or natural gas, many of those fixtures must be fitted with the correct orifice to insure a proper burning pattern. Gas lights are not engineered to be efficient, they’re built to produce a yellow old world style flame.

Lighting Ease: Insure they’re simple to light and won’t blow out often. Our lights have a simple open door on the front that makes lighting a breeze. The maker also assured they might not blow out under ordinary conditions. This I had my doubts about, but I’m now convinced they’ve been lit for nearly two years and have not ever been blown out.

Consider the finish that you would like: You can make a choice from many various finishes, but one key difference was vital to us when selecting. You’ll like a brightly polished finish or an old time cooper verdigris look. We selected the cooper verdigris look. Finish Material: If you select a highly shined finish ensure you can be warranted of it staying that way over a period. If you select the verdigris look you can pay more cash and have it pre troubled to give it the old green cooper look. We purchased ours in plain cooper and are letting time do the finish work.