Installing Travertine Mosaic Tiles For A Back Splash

Travertine mosaic tiles can be utilized in a lot of different ways but one of the options that it is most popularly used is as a back splash in the kitchen. This is a good utilization of these tiles to create a great and beautiful design for your kitchen. Most people spend a lot of time and effort to make a kitchen look inviting since, next to the living room, it is the area where people frequent the most.

Usually, your visitors and guests prefer to have a sit in the kitchen and enjoy a cup of coffee while conversing with you as you prepare the meal. In fact, open floor plan kitchens are becoming very popular for just this reason.. Because of this, you want to make your kitchen presentable to any one. There are some things that you should know if you are going to use travertine as back splash in your kitchen area.

You should decide first what color of tiles you are going to install. There are several available colors like ivory, beige, and gold which will all make your kitchen look great. Be sure to have your cabinets and worktops chosen first before you choose a back splash. Of course if you are going to install the splash in an existing kitchen you already know the colors, but if it is a new remodel or a new construction be sure everything matches. You can also opt to combine different colors of travertine so you can achieve a very unique style. And, using more than one size or shape also adds a lot of character.

After you have decided what color you will have for the tiles, you should get the tiles cut into the size as you need them. Generally, tiles can be ordered in several standard sizes or you can special order a size to fit your application perfectly. Then you proceed with the installation of back splash in your kitchen.

If you have no experience with the installation of travertine mosaic tiles and you don’t want to mess things up, your best option is to get the service of a professional. But, the tiles are actually easy to set up if this is going to be done by someone who likes doing these kinds of home improvement projects. Any basic tile installation book can give you step by step instructions with pictures. The first few times I laid tiles I used a how to guide but after that it comes pretty naturally.