Installing Wall Mount Brackets For an LCD TV

Installation of mount brackets for LCD / Plasma TV is a cumbersome task that needs expertise and knowledge of various dimensional issues. Sufficient expertise is very important to finish this task properly. The best way is to contract a professional and pay special attention to various safety measures during the whole installation process.

Select of Mounting Place

Selection of the best place for mounting your LCD or Plasma TV is very important. The place should be flat as well as perpendicular for the best viewing experience. Plain colored wall with soothing color patterns are best for a better ambiance. Ideal place for mounting your favorite Television can be the front walls in your drawing room, or bedroom. Ensure that you do not have to move your neck for viewing television. Mount the television in front of eyes on ideal height.

Follow Instruction Manual

All mount brackets come with an instruction manual. When you purchase LCD / Plasma TV brackets from the Television dealer itself, they will provide you installation manual. Even if, you purchase a mount brackets from a specialized mounting brackets manufacturer, they will provide you all the things required for mounting along with step by step guide to install your TV brackets.

Be sure to install the wall mounting bracket strictly to the wall following the instructions in instruction manual. Ensure all the screws are properly fixed and tight on their appropriate positions. If any of the screws are loose, they will fall out resulting in a fall of TV bracket and causing injury and / or property damage. Be sure to use the appropriate screws for installation of TV brackets. The use of only specialized screws and attachment parts supplied with your wall mount brackets are recommended. Use of any alternates to these things may result some damage or loss of your warranty for your wall mount brackets.

Follow all steps given in wall mount installation manual, do not apply your own mind or logics behind that. Because, the manual describes the best way of finishing the installation task for your wall mount brackets. It is very important in order to ensure maximum safety of your LCD or Plasma TV.