Insulated Boot Covers – Keep Your Feet Warm

Many hunters find their hunting experience less enjoyable due to cold winter conditions. The right hunting gear is essential to keep out the cold weather, and to keep the hunter warm. The head, hands, and feet are the easiest places to lose body heat, and keeping them warm is extremely important. Thanks to insulated boot covers, a hunter’s feet can stay warm all day long. No longer will they face cold feet while hunting, but will instead be able to enjoy their hunt even in the coldest of conditions.

Covering your feet with these insulated boot covers will save you from getting cold feet while hunting. These are extremely durable against winter conditions, and have a polyester fabric lining that act as a barrier against the cold and unpleasant wind. This helps to keep your feet warm for long hours of sitting in your stand.

It is very important to take care of your boot covers, and keep them free of any smells that can affect your hunt. Below, we have a few tips to keeping your boot covers free of any odor, even after wearing them for hours long.

• It is advised that hunters try and keep their feet as dry as possible before putting on the boot covers. This prevents any bacteria from forming that may cause odors after prolonged wearing. Sweat is also another issue when dealing with odor, but these have a breathable ability to keep your feet warm while still preventing a buildup of sweat.

• Always plan ahead for long walks in frigid temperatures as you may sweat from the exertion. Socks should be thick, but too much will cause sweating and only add to the discomfort of your feet. The cold will also affect your feet more when they are wet. With the insulated boot covers, many layers of socks are not necessary to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Therefore, your feet can stay dry all day long and you will be able to have a more enjoyable hunt.

These are a necessity for your next hunt. Simply zip them up over your boots to keep your feet nice and warm, even in the chilliest of conditions. These boot covers are also extremely light, eliminating the burden of carrying heavy over-insulated boots.

Overall, these covers are a must for making your hunt more enjoyable. They keep your feet warm, blocking out the cold and erasing the need for many layers of socks. Order a pair today!