Insulated Curtain

At times it sees as if we know so much more than our parents, not to mention their parents before them. Whether it's going outside with a wet hair (which has been proven to not cause a cold) or smoking and drinking while pregnant (both of which has been proven conclusively to harm an unborn child), with time often comes clarity – as well as plenty of scientific studies to back it up.

But from time to time we realize that Mom and Dad (and Grandma and Grandpa) sometimes really did know best. Previous generations, especially those who lived during the Great Depression, knew that in order to preserve precious heat, it was necessary to have an insulated curtain in a bedroom. While oil, gas and coal are precious resources, so too is an insulated curtain.

When times are tough and cranking up the heat means a headache when the energy bill arrives, an insulated curtain can be a miracle worker. To keep the frigid winter air at bay when thermostat is begging for some relief, some insulation on the windows can go a long way in staying toasty warm and cozy.

And there are benefits in the summertime, too. When the heat, humidity and glaring sun have made it all but impossible to enjoy the outdoors, retreat inside, pull the curtain and allow the cool air to stay trapped in your house.

While our parents and grandsparents may not know how to work a computer (or know what one is), they know a lot more than we do about saving a few bucks here and there.