Insulation Material Phenotherm Phenolic Foam – Superior Home & Building Insulation

Insulation Material Phenotherm is a superior insulation material for your home & buildings with 100% fire retardance. Phenotherm phenolic foam has special features that enable it to resist fire, thus it is use for temperature control and insulation for commercial complexes, residential buildings, hospitals, cold storage, high altitude shelters etc. in almost all industries. Among many foams, phenolic foams are preferred for thermal insulation due to its lower flammability and lower gas generation than any other polymer insulation

Phenotherm Phenolic Foam is a rigid cellular foam insulation material with a substantially closed cell structure, whose polymer structure is made primarily from the poly-condensation of phenol, its homologues and/or derivatives with aldehydes and ketones.

Phenotherm insulations is cost effective and better than conventional insulation materials Because of various distinct properties like Low K Value, highest fire rating standards with 100% fire retardance, Correction & Chemical Resistance and tested as per the following BS standards.

Advantages over conventional insulation materials.

1. It is non – burning

2. Toxicity of Smoke is nil

3. Flame Spread is very low

4. During Continuous fire, it turns dark brown and shows surface cracks but does not either burn or loose shape.

Phenotherm is available in the form of Slabs, Pipe Sections, Buns/Blocks and can be cut & shaped to any size with hand tools. Thus, it is easy to install for diverse insulation applications such as under deck & over deck insulation, false ceiling and pipe sections.

Advantages of Phenotherm Slabs

    Light Weight

    High Performance

    Non Combustible Material

    Fire Resistant

    Excellent Thermal Insulation

    Heat Prevention Effect

Applications of Phenotherm Slabs

    Exterior Buildings

    Agriculture/residential/commercial buildings

    Fire wall for office and/or other interiors

    Cold storage


    Aircraft Hangers

Advantages of Phenotherm Pipe Section

    Easy Installation

    Clean and seamless appearance

    Space and energy savings

    Light weight for handling

    Comparing to fiberglass, there is absolutely no skin irritations

Applications of Phenotherm Pipe Section

    Hot and cold water pipelines (including underground lines)

    Ethanol plants

    Petroleum and chemical transportation pipelines

    Food processing plants

    For any pipes that require insulation