Insurance For Painters and Decorators – A Must Have Cover

If you are starting up or running a Painting and Decorating business one of the first things you need to think about is having insurance cover. Having the right cover will protect you if claims are made against you if an accident should happen.

When you are doing your job you are probably working either in another person’s home, or an office or a public building somewhere. There are risks due to working in other people’s property or around other people and you need to be insured just in case an accident happens. You could be claimed against and the cost of the claim could be quite large, you need to have insurance cover to help pay for claims like these.

Public Liability Insurance will be your main insurance cover and will protect you if you cause accidental injury or damage to another person or their property. You need to have this type of insurance as a Painter and Decorator because it will cover you for the unexpected.

If you have employees it will be important to have Employers Liability Insurance. This will cover you if an employee falls ill or is injured whilst at work. Claims by employees can often be quite large. Another important factor is that this cover is required by law in the UK.

Tool and Equipment Insurance can be added to your main insurance cover to help you if you have expensive tools and equipment that you need for running your business. Having your tools and equipment lost or stolen can be extremely annoying and could stop you from trading, meaning you might lose money.