Interesting Facts About Log Cabins

There are many important facts that should be learned about log cabins. It would be great to know that they are environment friendly. Knowing this may help those who are not yet fully convinced to have a log home built, to finally do it. This is due to the thermal mass features of wood which often exceed the minimum code criteria of energy efficiency. Likewise, almost all the materials used by most log home producers are renewable.

There are two types of log homes, the handcrafted log homes and the milled log homes. Among log houses already built, only 10% are those built with individually handcrafted logs with the use of handheld tools. A log house, which is handcrafted is made of logs that were peeled but still have their original natural looks unchanged. On the other hand, the 90% of the log homes built are made of milled logs. These milled logs, otherwise known as machine-profiled logs, are used to build the milled log homes. These logs went through a manufacturing process that removes the natural features of the tree or the log, creating timbers that have uniform appearances and sizes.

Do you know that in 2003, which is the most recent year that much of the figures regarding log homes were truly made complete, the states that are most popular when it comes to having most log homes constructed were Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Orlando, Tennessee and West Virginia. Also in the same year, the popular states that houses the biggest numbers of log home producers or manufacturers are Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York. This is the states where you can go to, to find your home producer or even your home location.

Aside from Lincoln and Jackson, as mentioned above, it is said that there were 5 other U.S. Presidents born in log cabins including James Buchanan and Adlai Stevenson. This is the very reason why log cabins became a symbol of American politics’ humble beginnings. William Henry Harrison made use of log cabins, along with the “Whigs” to show to the Americans that he was a people’s man. Some of these U.S. Presidents made use of the fact that they either lived in a log cabin or worked in one to lead them to victorious presidential elections. Stevenson, in fact, after declaring that he was born in a log cabin and professed his poor beginnings, had a landslide victory over Dwight Eisenhower.

Interestingly, there is now a toy available in the market, called Lincoln Logs, which is fast becoming a favorite among the young. It is obviously named after Abraham Lincoln, who must be the most famous figurehead associated with log cabins. The toy has a variety of notched dowel rods that can be fitted together enabling its owner to construct a scale structure, only miniature-sized, of a log cabin.