Interior Design: Good Decor – Good Life

Psychology of Color

Even though color is taken for granted in design, selecting the right color should be thought out. Fast food restaurants use colors like yellow and red to get more customers coming and going which is great for business. This is one main example how color is proven to affect us. Colors are also attached to our memories and inner feelings. If you had a blue bedroom as a child and had a lot of positive memories, you will consistently connect with the color blue in a positive way. Certain colors can also make you feel either angry, nervous and sad.

Reflection of Self

Home decor is appreciated when a home feels like a home, not just looks like a home. So how to avoid creating the boring home staging sort of look? Make every decision based on your personality and personal taste. Choose furniture you love 100 percent along with accessories and art work. Bringing items from past memories is always a great way to reflect the past and keep you going. Having furniture and accessories that reflect you will also boost your confidence and self esteem.

Functional Spaces Create A Nice Flow

Have you ever bought oversized furniture that crammed up a room? A dining table that is so close to the sofa will be uncomfortable. Once we are uncomfortable, we get frustrated and ever avoid the area to end the whole dilemma. Functional spaces with the right spacing and planning allows a room to "flow" nicely which makes a room feel calm.

Sense of Belong

When a room is planned and truly reflects you, there is a sense of belonging. You feel comfortable, safe and assured. Adding photos of family and friends is a great example of how art can make us belong. A room that is personalized indicates that the room is your space, your world.

Importance of Scale

Have you ever noticed that houses with a typical 9 foot footing tend to feel more cozy than 12 foot ceilings? Some people like having a lot of space and some do not. Bigger spaces can be a person feel more free or luxurious, but can make another person feel out of place.


All forms of art, whether its music, sculpture or painting, affects our emotions. Listening to a classical song vs metal will create different emotions. Classical music can make us feel hopeful or decisive where metal music can make us feel revengeful or daring. Art communicates a statement and it can be either positive or negative.

Home decor is one simple way to plant that seed of happiness in our lives. The right decor can have a huge impact on your life.