Intermediate Bulk Container – A Good Green Alternative

With sustainability and green practices becoming an increasing concern, many manufacturers are seeking new options for the transport and storage of a wide variety of liquids.

Reusable packaging, such as IBCs, makes a positive impact on the environment by reducing labor, shipping and waste disposal costs.

Stainless steel intermediate bulk containers are a good environmentally correct response because:

  • Generate less waste – IBCs are returnable, eliminating the disposal of pallets and drums.
  • Completely drainable – allowing for virtually no product waste.
  • More efficient – reducing the number of overall containers required reduces freight cost and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Save energy – filling IBCs is faster than filling drums therefore lowering overall operating costs
  • Recyclable – IBCs can be fully recovered and reprocessed into other useful products at the end of their service life.

IBCs not only benefit the environment, but they also can help your company's bottom line by:

  • Reducing overall packaging costs
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Reducing product loss
  • Renting IBCs provides a less expensive alternative to purchasing

In fact, a recent GreenBiz article noted that 84 percent of surveyed North American executives said they view green initiatives as part of an overall optimization strategy. About 43 percent of the 300 participants said such efforts improved their bottom lines through better product quality and increased efficiency.

Their motivation for greener operations included contributing to sustainability strategies, responding to customer interest and improving reputation. The most often cited green initiatives were recycling and reuse programs, water reduction programs, continuous improvement and energy management.

IBC rental programs easily fall within the growing trend of such eco-initiatives. Companies seeking to green their liquid transportation and storage practices should consider stainless steel tanks as a cost-effective, environmentally responsible alternative.