Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms – 3 Sure Symptoms That You Have Piles

When it comes to internal hemorrhoids, the question is this, Do you have them? There are specific sure fire signals that you may or may not have this. You'll be able to tell right away if you have this – and if you do then it's time to treat it naturally, right? Internal hemorrhoids do not have to be as bad as they sound. The thing about them is that they are generally less painful than the external hemorrhoids – known as piles.

Let's get that straight, hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids, and when someone says piles then they are actually referring to external hemorrhoids – something that is most common. So here are some symptoms that will differentiate between piles and internal hemorrhoids.

# 1 – Internal Hemorrhoids Results in Blood Stools
Although this sounds more uncomfortable and gruesome, you'll soon find out that it's less painful, it's just a sign that you have internal hemorrhoids and that you have blood stools, if it is piles or external hemorrhoids, then you will be dealing more blood on the outside on the outer rim of the anus.

# 2 – If Really Bad, Will Protrude from the Inside
That's right, if it gets really bad, you can actually see the hemorrhoids protrude from the inside to the outside – this is something that you definitely want to avoid if you are trying to reduce it there are natural things and expensive procedures to fix this problem .

# 3 – As Said Before, External Hemorrhoids is More Painful
When you have piles or external hemorrhoids – it feels more painful, but it is actually less serious than internal hemorrhoids. You want to make sure that if you have external hemorrhoids or even internal hemorrhoids that you perform certain specific natural remedies to soften your stools and to help you feel better!

Irritation will occur with most hemorrhoids, the most painful of them all is thrombosed hemorrhoids and will require surgery; no questions asked! Be sure to try natural therapies and if that does not work in a matter of 3-4 days, then consult your doctor!