Internal Piles Treatment You Should Know About – Reduce the Severity of Piles and Regain Your Life

Internal piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are a specific form of veins that can be found in your body. They are responsible for regulating your bowel movements and when they became enlarged they are referred to as piles ailment.

Internal piles is not painful but it can cause a lot of discomfort because they create the feeling that there is a lump inside your body. The most common symptoms of internal piles are bleeding, itching in the rectal region, and painful bowel movements.

Although this type of hemorrhoids mostly occurs outside the rectal, they can sometimes protrude out of the rectal anal and cause a lot more pain. When this happens it is known as prolapsed internal piles. When it comes to treatment for your hemorrhoids it all depends on the classification of your condition.

  1. First Stage: When the piles places inside your anus.
  2. Second Stage: This is where the piles constantly moves from outside to inside your anus during bowel movements.
  3. Third Stage: The piles have permanently gone from your inside to the outside of your anus.

During the first two stages the internal piles treatment will only require that you change up your lifestyle and diet. These lifestyle and diet changes include eating a diet high in fiber, increasing your water consumption, getting involved with some exercises, and using some basic remedies such as the sitz bath, and applying petroleum jelly and other gels.

Treatment for the third stage includes much more drastic measures such as surgery or hemorrhoidectomy. However, surgery methods may allow the hemorrhoids to return.

Along with proper treatment you should take some preventive measures which will reduce the frequency and severity of hemorrhoids. These preventive measures include eating a high fiber diet, drinking a lot of fluids (preferably 7 glasses of water per day), and increasing your physical activity.