Internet Marketing Form The First Websites To Quality Links And Directory Submissions – Part 1

When you first do a search on Google and look at how did that site get to be number one and how can I get my site there too. You start to realize that this is not a simple process at all. If you want to get into the business of making serious money on the internet then you need to get all the tools and do your homework very carefully before starting out on such a project.

First of all you need a subject, there are many different ways to find a niche and if you want to know further information on niche finding then consult my blog link at the bottom of the page.

Having found your niche its best to concentrate on only 20 keywords per web page of your niche. This seems to be the general best method of making your site completely SEO friendly.

Having found your particular niche its also a good idea to look at all the top sites for those twenty keywords and print them all off. If you intend to dominate a particular field then the best way to rank high within Google is to offer more than your competitors.

Print off all the pages of the top twenty sites and find out all the pages and related issues them sites are providing and then find more information something they have not covered or something new about this particular niche.

You have to learn how to produce good web pages with SEO built in some of the tools that I use and would recommend are on my blog site, but you can do your own research on this and make your own mind up.

I went for a particular package, as it was very easy to learn and came with extensive manual and video training. Training is very important, as you will need to spend a lot of time researching your material as well as being able to learn new packages and skills.’

This is not a five minute process however by choosing good tools and being able to learn quickly will see you being able to make a steady income that can be duplicated for the next niche that you wish to conquer.

When I started out I made tons of mistakes that cost and arm and a leg and you have to sometimes bite the bullet and say hey that didn’t work. However you should be thinking anyone could make these processes work its time, effort, tools and commitment.

The first thing to consider once you have decided your niche is the domain name, this is crucial that you get your main keyword somewhere in the title with as few dashes as possible.

You can then do a search and find all the competing websites for that niche by doing an all in the title search on Google this will show you how many sites you are competing against.

You then need to know how did the top site get into that position. This is a bit more complex and you have to invest in some SEO tools to find out these things more information can be found on my SEO blog.

There are many different tools for doing this but I have my favorites and why they give better results than most. You can always search for your own this article is not about selling you anything its just how if you are going to make it in the internet business the things you need to know or consider to stop people from wasting money and time.

I recently got married and I work away from home so my time is more precious to me than anything especially at home with the new wife. These are the steps I’m making to be able to swap the day job for working at home its very important that people understand I have put a lot of effort into being able to ditch the day job.

The target for me has been to generate 300.00 dollars a day so far my efforts are producing around 85.00 dollars but they are going up by learning and changing and making little adjustments here or changing keywords etc.

I hope to be able to establish key lessons on my blog site as well as recommendations and other news as this game is always changing, as Google likes to shake things up from time to time.

I hope that this has given you and insight into the beginnings of Internet marketing and hope to see you on the blog site soon. I wish you the best in making money online and starting a web business.

Part two will be released soon and available on this website.