Internet Marketing Gurus – What If They Told You To Jump Off A Bridge?

If the Internet Marketing "Gurus" told you that if you go jump off a bridge you will make $ 20,000 dollars a month would you do it? Wait, before you say no. This is exactly what many are doing financially.

Every time the next Guru comes out with the next "Take the world by storm" product, thousands of newbies commit marketing suicide and jump in head first. They are swept away by the launch excitement. Once the dust settles the only ones standing are the "Guru" and a few lucky ones.

What I see in many areas of the Internet marketing community is abusive, distasteful and many times just down right lies. Everyone seems to be a marketing Guru these days.

Is your junk mail as full as mine with this offer and that offer claiming to be the holy grail of making money on the Internet? You must have their one of a kind, _________ (you fill in the blank) secret system to make money on the Internet. Of course only their system will put $ 20, $ 50, $ 100 or more a day into your Paypal account.

Well, I tried something recently …

I got one of these email again from one of these self-proclaimed Gurus that said, "Make 10 Dollar Per Minute on your Paypal."

Of course there "Automated Marketing System" was going to do this for me!

What? $ 10 per minute? Wow! that's unbelievable.

I did the math and sent a reply. I wanted to see if this guy would actually write me back.

Here is what I wrote him.


$ 10 per minute?

That's great!

Let's see …

There's 1440 minutes in a day …

And 30 to 31 days in a month …

So that's 43,200 minutes in a 30 day month …

Let's see … Hummm …

That makes about $ 432,000 per month!


If your making $ 432,000 a month marketing your business
you will probably want more leads to market to.


John Atkinson

(End Of Reply)

I never heard back from the guy and I was not really surprised. He probably stub my email from my website or bought it from some unscrupulous person who claimed to be selling "opt-in email leads." Even though I never signed up to get information from this guy. (SPAM!)

I wonder if he was lying to me?

Listen, do not fall for every new thing that comes down the pipe. It was a good day when I realized that there were basically two fundamental ways to make money. These will never change, Internet or no Internet.

  1. Sell ​​A Product.
    • Purchase Items at a low price then resell them at a higher price.
    • Create a product then sell it for a price you set.
  2. Sell ​​Your Time. Which translates into selling a service

That's it!

In real life making money includes a mixture of both of these. Those who make the most money have learned how to leverage these and create systems that semi-automate the money making process. The goal is to tip the scales toward # 1 and move away from # 2 as quickly as possible.

The Internet makes this process even easier than it has ever been before. Since the Internet is driven by the need and thirst for information the most obvious opportunity for making money is to sell information.

This is where ebooks come into the picture. An ebook can be created once then resold multiple times to maximize # 1 and # 2. But most people do not know where to even start when jumping into this business. Let me help you with this. Here are some basic tips to get you going in the right direction.

  1. Expect to have to trade more of your time for money when first starting out.
  2. Make a budget and live and die by it. Do not spend more than what you have to spend.
  3. Never spend on projected income. In other words what you believe you will make once you start making sales.
  4. Do not jump off every bridge the self proclaimed Gurus tell you to. There are some great Copywriters out there that will pull your heart strings and make you feel like you can not be successful unless you have their product. Do not believe them! People were making money on the Internet long before their product every came around.
  5. Decide on a product and stick with it until it is obvious it will not work. Take things one at a time
  6. The sooner you can learn or develop a personalized system of researching and ignoring products and services people need the better. This is vital! This information is the foundation you will build your business on
  7. Observe everything. Copy other peoples success and avoid their failures. For example if you find yourself really drawn into a sales letter and your about to reach for your wallet to shell out the bucks STOP! Instead of purchasing read, reread and dissect the sales letter and use what you learn to market your products.
  8. Testing …
  9. More Testing … Testing everything is the only way you will find out exactly what works and what works better.
  10. Set a schedule and follow it. Here are a few tips for those who find it hard to live by schedule:
    • Start out broad and develop your schedule over time.
    • Start by setting a time to go to bed and a time to get up.
    • Next divide your day up into blocks of time. For example: 2hrs for research, 1hr for web design, 1hr calling contacts etc …
    • Sometimes you will see that certain things must be done daily dedicated certain times to do those things and find ways to organize and automate these tasks as much as possible.

What about writing an ebook?

Many people do not know where to even begin when writing an ebook. They do not know the subjects that will make them the most money. This is very simple though, look at what problems people have in any given niche or market and that is where you will start. Find a solution to their problem and become an expert in that area. Study everything you can and find the answer then you will have the knowledge needed to write the ebook that brings the solution that people will buy.

Helping people find solutions to their problems is really what it is all about. The better you are at this the more money you will make with any business. In the end we are all in the people business. If you take the people out of the equation you have no business.