Intex Pool Pump

Keeping a clean swimming pool can be an arduous task; fortunately there is a convenient solution in the form of the Intex Pool Pump. The pump is an integral component of the pool filtering system and without it the swimming pool will quickly become clouded, dirty and unusable. Let’s take a closer look at the pump too see exactly how it works.

The pool pump is at the heart of the water circulation process in a swimming pool and it works by pulling water from the pool through a suction port. The water is then pushed through the filtering system and, if you have one, the heating system before it is pumped back into the pool through the return port. By pumping the water through the filtering system the pump allows for the water to be cleaned of any sediment and other debris that can affect the quality of the water.

Although completely waterproof, the Intex Pool Pump is designed to sit on the ground outside of the pool so that it can perform its job efficiently whilst not hindering or getting damaged by people swimming and playing in the pool. The unique design of the Intex Pool allows for the pump to pull the water out through a hole in the lower side of the pool wall and then pump the clean water back into the top of the pool through another hole. The valves and connectors used in this process also help to ensure that all the water remains in the pool where it belongs.

Intex Pool Pumps are capable of filtering hundreds of gallons of water per hour, most pools can be fully circulated anywhere between 4 and 8 hours depending on the size of the pool and the capacity of the pump. The water should be circulated within this time period, so before purchasing an Intex Pool Pump you will need to determine the right model that can circulate the water efficiently enough. If you use a pump that is not of a sufficient power then not all of the water will be filtered.