Intex Ultra Frame Pool – 5 Helpful Tips

If you’ve recently purchased an Intex Ultra Frame Pool (16′-18′), you may be experiencing some issues which are making you wish you never bought the pool in the first place.

Although the Intex pool is a fun and sturdy alternative to a ground level pool, there are some setbacks that might leave you feeling frustrated and overflowing with buyer’s remorse.

Below are 5 helpful tips that you can easily implement that will save you a tremendous amount of time, money and negative emotions.

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Helpful Tips:

Tip #1: Replace the pool pump immediately.

This tip is provided to help save your sanity. The Krystal Clear Filter Pump that accompanies your pool set-up is worthless. Intex should be ashamed of themselves for including such a subpar, low-pressure filter for such a large water capacity pool. Do yourself a favor and get on Amazon and search for a ‘Intex Sand Filter Pump model SF20110’. This filter is a dream come true for a pool of this size. If your pool is dirty, rest assured that within a four filter session, this sand filter will have it almost sparkling.

Tip #2: Keep the pool lid on.

Now this may seem like a no brainer, but keeping the lid on will help you in several areas you may not have thought of by now. If you live in a warmer climate, like Arizona for example, keeping the lid on will help with excessive evaporation, which in turn will help keep your water bill in check. Not only that, but keeping the lid on will decrease the amount of debris, dirt and dead bugs that wind up floating to the bottom of your pool. As well, by keeping the lid on, you avoid lengthy intervals where your lid is stored on the ground, attracting additional dirt, bugs and debris that could end up in your pool.

Tip #3: Buy pressure adjusting clamps to help secure the pool lid.

The Intex pool lid comes with a nylon rope to help secure the lid to the frame. One big gust of wind and you’ll see why the rope is not enough. Visit your local hardware store and pick up at least six large pressure adjusting clamps. They fit right over the aluminum frame, keeping the wind from ripping the lid right off the pool.

Tip #4: Don’t waste your money on unnecessary extras.

Everything you need, minus the right pool pump, comes with this Intex Pool kit. As long as you heed tip #1 and replace your pool filter, there’s nothing else you need other than chlorine tabs and a distributor. It’s not necessary to purchase a floor sweeper, the cleaning kit comes with a hand held push sweeper that works great, as long as you have the sand filter cleaning your pool. If you are not a fan of manual labor and wish to purchase an automatic floor sweeper, be warned; you must make sure you flatten the base entirely,no ripples, or your floor sweeper will do a terrible job.

Tip #5: Bondo your skimmer arm.

The skimmer that comes with the Intex Ultra Frame Pool is secured to an arm, which attaches to the top of the pool frame. This arm will eventually crack, or break, it’s only a matter of time. Do yourself a favor and pick up some Bondo Glass, fiberglass filler. Regular Bondo will do as well, but you’ll also need some waterproof silicone to finish the project. Simply follow the directions on the can and add the filler to the skimmer arm holes that align both sides of the arm. I suggest only filling one side at a time, let dry and then fill the other. Bondo Glass is water proof and will dry within 10-15 minutes and will be pool-ready within 3 hours. You may need some 60-80 grit sand paper to smooth out the filler once it has completely dried. You may want to pick up a 4″ c-clamp to secure the skimmer arm to the pool frame leg.

These helpful tips provided are only suggestions for solutions to problems you may, or may not be experiencing with your Intex Ultra Frame Pool.

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