Introduction on Pinhole Glasses

Nowadays there are a wide range of glasses available on the market. No matter what need you have, you can always find a style that suits you. With more and more styles of glasses, there are some types of glasses people are not familiar with, and pinhole glass may be one of them, but it also has great effect to improve people’s vision. If you are not familiar with this glass but have a desire to improve your poor eyesight, the following introduction on pinhole glasses will give you some ideas.

First, let us talk about what pinhole glasses are. From the literal meaning, we can guess there maybe some holes on the glass. Yes, there are indeed some small openings which have the effect of improving people’s vision. When people mention “stenopeic glass”, it also means pinhole glass as stenopeic is a Greek word, which means little openings. And you may wonder to know how these small openings work. Just as the principle that when we use our fist to cover our eyes, the objects will be seen clearly from the tiny opening in our fist openings. With the pair of pin hole glasses, less light will get through the pinhole and reach our eyes. In this way, the small openings will block lights from outlying areas and less light can enter the middle part of the pupil, therefore, people can see objects clearly as refractive error is reduced.

Pinhole glasses have the following characteristics: First, from the function aspect, pinhole glasses can improve people’s vision at all distances. Second, compared with prescription glasses, the price of pin hole glasses is lower, but a little higher than reading glasses. Third, from the maintenance aspect, pinhole glasses need little maintenance during the whole work life. Another distinctive advantage pin hole glasses have is there is very little glare or distortion with pin hole glasses.

There are two styles of pin hole glasses available on the market: one is traditional pinholes, and the other is modern pinholes. They mainly have the following differences: First, holes can be noticed in traditional pinholes, while people can not easily notice the holes with modern pinholes. Second, traditional pinholes can lessen the amount of ultraviolet light, but modern pinholes can protect people fully from ultraviolet light. In addition, from the style aspect, modern pinholes are more popular as it seems as sunglasses, so the design is more attractive.