Introduction to Stone Paneling

Paneling is the process of covering the wall from desired components like wood or stone. Others use plastic for economic reasons.

Paneling makes the original set up of a room more comfortable. This insulates the room from its original walling like solid stone or dull wood. Many people install paneling for the purpose of decorating.

There are many kinds of paneling that varying on the material used:

– Wall paneling

– Decorative wall paneling

– Bamboo paneling

– Stone paneling

– Bead board paneling

– Brick paneling

– Knotty pine paneling

– Vinyl wood paneling

– Real wood paneling

– Painting paneling

– Tongue and groove paneling

– Wallpapering over paneling.

There are also two styles of paneling:

o Raised paneling style – This is the oldest and the finest style. This is made of premium wood veneers with natural variation.

o Ceiling paneling – This style has a different appearance because it is made of various materials. It is commonly used in interior decoration. It provides decorative finishing, and sound and heat insulation. This is the style of paneling that can be cleaned easily. It can be made of wood, metal, fiber or any other materials.

Stone paneling is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It is perfect in creating wonderful water features. Stone panels have varied textures, with four basic colors – charcoal, white quartz, ochre, and ivory.

Natural stones create a sense of timeless elegance. This type of panel is very durable.

Stone paneling comes in modular form. They can be installed easily and fast on sound surfaces. It is beautifully- textured and it can produce an innovative design for any space. It can however give a hint of roughness. Stone panels can be a stunning wall feature because of its aesthetical pleasing lines. Such panels are suited around pools and spas, inside your kitchen, in bathrooms, offices, in your small shop, bar or in café. It is best for cladding a brick or in block concrete wall.

Stone paneling provide not only great looks but also the functionality of real masonry stonework. The products used in stone paneling have the following qualities:

– It is more durable.

– It is cost effective.

– It is fire and ultra- violet resistant.

– It is waterproof.

– It is insulating.

– It is maintenance free.

All of these can be done with stone paneling. Although a bit expensive, stone panels last for a long time.