Intuition – An Invaluable Life Companion

Intuition is an instant knowing that moves faster than rational thought. It is a bright illumination, a surprise guest who greets us warmly at the front door. Everyone has his own way of intuiting. Some people feel vibrations, others hear words that fall in perfect precision. Some individuals view colorful scenes when their eyes are closed. The intuitive experience is unique to each individual. “Intuition involves a special kind of ‘sight’ that awakens when the mind is at peace. Like a treasure that has long lain on the ocean floor, intuition bubbles up to the surface of the sea of our consciousness.”

We all have the capacity to be intuitive. Most individuals don’t pay attention to the special messages they are receiving because their minds are never at rest. Their thoughts are always swirling, their bodies are swept up in constant activity, their senses are a source of chronic distraction. There is still a lot of superstition and doubt about the authenticity of intuition. It is treated with a note of suspiciousness. The intuitive individual can easily be labeled as strange and eccentric. To encourage your intuition, you have to let go of what other people think. Judge the experience for yourself.

Intuition is a great gift that requires acknowledgment, nurturing and an attitude of receptivity. The door to intuition opens when the mind is still and the body is quiet. The practice of consistent meditation accelerates the growing edge of intuition. The simplest form of meditation involves watching the inhalation and exhalation of the breath through the nostrils. When thoughts, feelings, and sensory interruptions arise, we gently return our attention back to the breath. As meditation practice deepens and becomes a habit, we recognize that we are becoming more intuitive. Truths that we could never learn from books or even wise individuals are coming directly to and through us. To develop and flourish, the gift of intuition requires our respect and attention. Recognizing and appreciating its presence becomes a priority in our lives.

Intuition flourishes when our egos are dropped; when we are not always thinking about ourselves. An individual with a dropped ego is free of arrogance and feelings of superiority. He is transparent and genuine. There is no   facade , no false mask. He is clear and straight and true from every perspective.

Listen to your intuitive voice. Be grateful to your lifelong companion