Inversion Tables Certainly Do Work

Undoubtedly the question I’m asked most about inversion tables and inversion therapy is “do inversion tables work”? You only need to look at the comments left on various websites by people who have used one to see what a difference an inversion table can make to their lives. Let’s have a look first at how inversion tables work and then see what sort of results you can expect when you use one.

There are millions of back pain sufferers throughout the country who either put up with the condition or pay an expensive chiropractor without any improvement in their symptoms. A lot of back pain is due to compression of the vertebrae in the spine. This causes problems with nerves, muscles and ligaments and any of these can result in severe pains and aches. Sciatica is another common complaint which is caused by back troubles. Inversion tables are designed to decompress the discs of the spine so that the pain is relieved. This is done by removing the weight pressing down on the spine and reversing the process so that the body is actually decompressed. When you use an inversion table, you tilt it so that your head is lower than your feet. You can continue until you are completely inverted, although some people don’t like the sensation of being upside down. It is sufficient to use an inversion of 45 to 60 degrees approximately.

The best and recommended method is to start gently, by that I mean using low angles of inversion and only using the table for 5 minutes or so. After a couple of days you can increase the angle and time by a small amount. Keep incrementing the times and angles until you are using it for 10 to 15 minutes and using the highest angle that is comfortable for you. Many people actually find it is enough to do no more than the simple 5 minutes a day. It is also common to come across people who only use their inversion table as and when they need to. Many users are able to store their table away for much of the year and only use it either when their back trouble comes back or just to keep any future problems at bay. There is no real age limit to using an inversion table and they are very comfortable to use. The tables tend to be well padded and the ankle straps produce a comfy grip while you are inverted.

What can you expect when using an inversion therapy table? In many case the results are quite dramatic. It is not uncommon to hear about people who go from chronic severe back aches to a pain-free existence within the space of a few days. I even heard of one person who tried one in a shop and liked it so much he visited the shop every day until his table was delivered. Unfortunately inversion therapy is all too often used a the last resort but there is no need for that. Prices are quite reasonable and definitely a small price to pay for having a healthy back one again.

There are a number reputable inversion table manufacturers to choose from, including Teeter Hang Ups, Ironman and Body Champ plus one or two others.