Investing $1000 – 3 Ways To Double It

Most people think about money in the wrong way. They have skewed perspectives about money. Extreme opinions. It is no surprise because money is such an emotionally charged concept. There are two extremes, ridiculously conservative or excessively flamboyant. These two perspectives are expressed in the conservative, which is to work for an hourly wage and cling to the safety of time money. The flamboyant on the other hand looks for get rich quick schemes or looks for ways to make fast money easy.

Nothing wrong with either of these extremes, however, there is a middle of the road perspective that is more realistic and reliable. By far, the majority are ultra conservative about money and will cling to the safety of an hourly paid job. The reason why this is an extreme (even though it is by far the norm) is because it is way too slow. An hourly wage, unless it is very high, is usually way too slow and it is almost impossible to get ahead.

The middle of the road approach to money, in my opinion is to have the investor mind set. The idea of always looking to invest a good proportion of discretionary income. The hard part for most is finding effective investment vehicles. Here are 3 down to earth ways to invest $1000 dollars.

1) Not all returns need to be fiscal, in fact some of the best returns are actually inversely effective. One of the best ways to invest money is to buy knowledge. Knowledge cannot be lost and therefore, is a permanent return so long as you use that knowledge.

2) Investment objects. Not all investments have to be part of the institutional sphere. You don’t have to buy shares to call your transaction an investment. Its an investment if you got a return. So maybe you will find a consumer item that is way under priced and re-sell it for a profit. That is an investment.

3) Make something of value from nothing. When I say from nothing, it may cost a few dollars, but by doing it creatively and applying good skills, you can easily create something of worth from nothing. You could make a bold painting and sell it. Or maybe you can acquire a few soldering skills and make a gadget from an electronic goods store, or maybe you could spend a few hundred on tools and wood and make a quality cabinet.