Investing in Istanbul’s Real Estate – A General Overview

Investing in real estate and properties can be a risky undertaking even for some of the most experienced financial gurus. Never knowing what lies head or what kind of a party you’re dealing with, some of the biggest risky undertakings is in the real estate sector. Given the scale and initial investments needed, real estate can either be a boon or a bane for the investor.

Consider a simple example where you would want to invest in a property that initially requires a minimum amount of $10,000. Without ever knowing the dealer’s intentions, origin and important information that actually counts, your bulk of money will come under serious risk and most probably you’ll lose more than just those initial $10,000. Considering that, it’s always the best option to choose a good starting point, and of course a good city where investments hold meaning and value. Istanbul is one such city.

Here, you’ll find the very old side-by-side the very new. Stretching across the Bosporus strait from west to east, the old city exists in what is now the eastern side just across the strait while the newer Istanbul can be seen on the western edge. Each has its commonalities and contradictions. The city on the eastern edge contains some of the best examples of Byzantine architecture – the Hagia Sophia is probably one of the most commonly visited heritage sites with over thousands of visitors coming here to admire the story behind the church transformed mosque, that is now a museum. Add to it the endless number of ancient streets, pillars going back to Justinian’s time, remaining sections of the Hippodrome of Constantinople that is now a huge tourist site and of course, the eight centuries of Islamic past of the city simply proves to be an awe inspiring experience for anyone visiting Istanbul.

The western edge has its character of its own. Boasting such areas like the Levant, this section of Istanbul is home to economic activity for the metropolis, with skyline buildings and some of the most beautiful, modern marvel of residential accommodations currently being acclaimed in Eurasia. Districts like Beylikduzu, Gaziosmanpasa and Avcilar are just some of the names being included here. Properties start here at the minimal rate of $60,000 for residential apartments at Beylikduzu with excellent views of the cityscape. Move a notch higher and you get some excellent apartments at the top of Halkalı hill with green surroundings. Apartments complete with baths, spas, inbuilt commercial centres and even lakes are available at Beylikduzu. So, invest in Istanbul and get lifestyle rewards! The city ranks among the top among real estate hot spots. Istanbul investments could never get higher.