Is Autofellatio Easier to Perform Than Most People Realize?

Autofellatio is the act where a man performs oral sex on himself. There is a similar circumstance in women which is called autocunnilingus. Most men have tried to perform this at least once in their lifetimes. Some were successful, while other men were not.

Certainly having a lengthy penis would make such acts easier to perform. Ron Jeremy is an adult film star who has made hundreds of adult movies over the years. Some of his earlier scenes showed him performing auto-fellatio. Being rather largely endowed, this certainly helped him master self-fellatio. In fact, he’s a bit famous for having done so.

So, is auto-fellatio so hard to perform? The answer is “yes” and “no.” If one is not in proper physical shape it will be difficult to perform. If a man is in proper physical condition, it is not hard to master.

The problem is that as human beings have “evolved,” we have become less active and dynamic in our physical activities. Why walk to the store when one can drive? Why wash your clothes, in the sink, by hand, when you can have a machine do it for you? Why cut your own lawn? Isn’t that something you pay the landscaper to do?

The truth is that humans are becoming increasingly less active. This leads to not only weight gain, but to joint problems, and poor postural biomechanics. The remedy for some it to visit the gym to burn off those extra calories… But nothing beats being active and dynamic during the entire day.

The joints are especially receptive to activity. None so more than the spinal joints. There is a rule in the body which states, “Use it or lose it.” If you stop using something it will start to atrophy or change its functionability or structure.

For example, do you know what is one of the best things men can do to avoid prostatic cancer? To use the prostate. Put it to work. That’s what men have them for. Start using it either through sexual intercourse or masturbation. Again, use it or lose it. (Zinc is also very helpful in preventing prostatic cancer.)

Joints are especially prone to the use/lose law. One of the main causes of osteoarthritis in the spine is due to lack of use. People sit around all day and do nothing. Most people rarely introduce full range-of-motion into their spines every day. The body then begins to lay down calcific deposits to fuse these joints together. “After all, they don’t seem to be used any longer, so let’s fuse ’em up!” In fact one of the healthiest things a person can do every day is to bend over and touch their toes, extend back as far as possible (from the trunk), rotate the whole body clockwise and anti-clockwise with the feet planted, and flex as far to the left and right as possible. This helps “lubricate” your spine and keeps your spinal column mobile and healthy.

Stress, force, and gravity are essential, too. The more the joints are being used and are active, the stronger they become, just like our muscles. Osteoporosis is a lack of calcium density in bones. One main factor causing osteoporosis is lack of activity.

Staying active is extremely important for our health.

What happens when you break your arm and wear a cast for a few months? The muscles in the arm atrophy because you haven’t used them in two months. That’s why physical therapeutic exercises are needed after wearing a cast, simply to restore motion in any affected joints and to restore muscle and joint strength.

Back to autofellatio: One can easily see how humans being less active will impede their flexibility and movement. Poor posture (from sitting at a desk all day, for example) also affects muscles and joints and ensures that they do not function at 100% efficiency – this means the joints are restricted and the muscles usually have to carry a strain when trying to do their job.

What about our feet? After all, they are the very foundation of our entire body. Does anyone think high heels might affect a person’s feet, ankles, legs, knees, pelvis, or back? How about shoes that are too pointed? Is there a chance that wearing shoes of this nature might have an impact on someone’s feet? How much time each day do you spend walking or standing on a hard surface? Consider carpet to be a hard surface due to the structure underneath it. Man was not designed to stand or walk on such hard surfaces. These surfaces speed up the process of foot, ankle, knee, pelvic, and lower back problems including arthritis.

One other point while we are discussing feet: There are lots of small bones and joints in the feet. Wearing shoes and walking on hard surfaces just jams these bones together. However, walking in sandals on dirt or natural uneven surfaces does what? It helps restore movement in these joints, helps break up knots in the fascia and muscles, stimulates ligaments and tendons, “exercises” your feet, and is truly restorative to your entire body’s health.

A good way to prove this is to have a foot massage performed on you. Now, ask yourself, why does a massage like that feel better than sex? Because your feet have been abused your entire lifetime, most likely. Taking care of them and relaxing them is complete bliss to your feet and you are rewarded with pleasure for taking the time to take care of your feet.

The fact is, we don’t even realize how badly we’ve abused our bodies until we begin to feel pain. However, with our work load, picking up the kids from school, and with no time to visit the doctor, we continually put off having our body examined. After awhile what happens? In most cases you will become immune to those aches and pains and eventually block them out of your mind. You won’t “feel” the pain any longer. The problem is that the cause of the pain is still wreaking havoc on your body, you just don’t have time to “feel” it any longer.

The flexibility needed to perform autofellatio, as you can see, is going to be greatly affected by a lot of these things that were just mentioned. Strangely enough, it never really occurs to people that such things actually do have a large impact on not only normal and natural flexibility, but digestion, stress levels, metabolism, and the list goes on forever.

With proper instruction it’s not difficult to help restore normal flexibility in a person’s spine; that is, in most cases. The goal is to learn and perform stretches and techniques that will help bring the body back to its intended purpose and function. Helping restore a person’s body to its intended abilities is extremely helpful in increasing flexibility to perform auto fellatio or auto cunnilingus.

If we can just bring our abused bodies back to “normal,” this will help show people that performing autofellatio is easier than most think.

Kimi Kalfino

Men and women who are interested in exploring autofellatio and what it takes to be able to autofellate are recommended a book on the subject. The book is entitled YOGAFELLATIO.