Is Barb Wire Fencing the Only Alternative For Protecting Your Property?

Barbed wire (or barb wire) fencing has long been one of the common materials used to protect property boundaries and contain animals. This type of fencing is made from twisted strands of wire that has razor sharp burrs lining the surface. These barbed protrusions have proven to be useful at deterring cattle and livestock from challenging the fence.

The sharp barbs can snag or pierce their skin and this will generally cause the animals to refrain from trying to push against the fencing. Most livestock quickly learns to give the barb wire border respect and they maintain a safe distance from the punishing wire. Even people and predators can be deterred from entering an area that is surrounded by barb wire fencing.

Depending upon the way the fence is structured and the material used the barbs may be several feet apart on each strand or they may be separated by just a few inches. This kind of fencing is pulled taut against the posts before it is secured which gives the fencing strands almost no flexibility and makes this a difficult barrier to cross. The fences may use one wire, or several lengths of wire to create a barrier that will be difficult to cross.

In addition to causing pain and injury to animals, a barb wire fence can do the same to humans who inadvertently come in contact with it. Even repairing and maintenance can be dangerous and time consuming. There are many people who feel that the benefits of barb wire fencing are offset by these problems.

Have you been wondering, “Is barb wire fence the alternative for protecting your property?” There are some alternatives to using barb wire fencing on your property that is more humane to the animals and can offer the same type of high protection features. You may want to consider electric, steel or woven wire fences for your needs. All of these can be used to effectively safeguard livestock and mark your property lines.

There are some very high quality woven wire fences that are now available. Many of these are made from high tensile wire and they will last longer and look better than some of the wire fencing that you may be more familiar with. Animals are easy to contain within these fence borders and they are not harmed if they make contact with the wire. These can be used as temporary or permanent fences in any kind of location.

Electric fences can be made from wires or concealed in rope and tape strands. These fences will deliver a low level jolt of electricity if contact is made with the wires. This is usually deterrent enough to keep your animals within their area of confinement. These types of fences will also help keep intruders or predators at bay. Some of these models are even operated by solar power which decreases the cost.

Steel fences can be very expensive but they are also safe and durable. These are generally used for smaller fencing jobs and the strength of this material is undeniable. Steel fencing is often used for horses, and if it is properly installed and maintained it can last through many years.