Is India A Trailblazer In MBA Education?

The name of the game is 'B-Schools.' This is not an over-hyped statement anymore considering the fact that management gurus around the world still unanimously nod their head in agreement. At the turn of the twenty-first century, the Indian management education has witnessed a sea-change only to re-surface as a matured establishment ever ready to offer world class solutions for global needs in especially in industries like Telecom, Healthcare, IT / ITES etc.

Over the years, restructured institutions like IMT Ghaziabad have consistently strived to deliver quality and top-notch management trainings to their students. In recent times, industry specific surveys reveal that MBA grades from premier B-schools get away with attractive compensation packages compared to their counterparts from other anonymous B-schools. Inevitably, the rapid emergence of India as a growing economy and the high turn out of MBA graduates go hand-in-hand in strengthening the nation's development.

As a matter of fact, in today's fast paced world, an MBA degree is considered to be a great means of achieving the zenith of success. As a result, it helps business degrees grade professional new goals and heights, and with it the stairways to corporate leadership become comprehensible, easy and visible. According to a vague industry estimate, nearly 4.6 billion of the world population requires high quality but low cost products and services on a regular basis.

This figure is sufficient to measure the great demand of qualified and well-trained man power to manage the huge 'demand and supply' segment. In the mean time, CAT (Common Admission Test) in India still remains predominately the major determinant for admission in top B-schools. Indian Institute of Management Institute (Kolkata), Indian Institute of Management Institute (Bangalore), IIM (L), XLRI, ISB, FMS and so on tops the chart as the leading institutions in the country.

On top of that, India is slowly coming up as a hub for management education for foreign students, and that explains why thousands of international students flock to India in pursuit of quality education. Needless to say, management education in the form of distance learning has gained momentum and paved the way for uninterrupted management formal education for working executives employed in corporate and other business firms.

Notably, drastic changes have taken place in the global trade and commerce policies and an increasing number of industries are added up to keep the wheels of international economies revolving. Here, the liberalization of trade policies is credited with widespread nexus of trade relations and business inter-dependence among various countries.

This paradigm shift is the most important reason behind the rapid increase in the demand of highly skilled managers and business executives. Dr Sherry, the Director of IMT, CDL recognizes the importance of constant skills up gradation for management students and gives credit to the eminent faculty and the quality of its courses for the success of the institution.

IMT Ghaziabad is rated among the top 10 business schools in India, and it has centers scattered across the nation and abroad-IMT Nagpur, IMT Dubai and IMT Hyderabad (yet to be up and running).