Is it True That During Panic Attacks Brain Functions Are Altered?

During panic attacks, brain activities are greatly altered. They say that this is due to the sudden shift of the majority of the blood flowing through our brains from the frontal to the parietal lobe. Is panic attacks symptom of brain disorder? No, your attacks are not at all a symptom of a brain disorder. To clear out the air in this specific confusion, let me discuss what happens in your brain during an attack.

We already know that your panic or anxiety attack is a fight or flight response to what your brain will perceive as a threat to your well being. This could be anything from a speeding car to a cat, depending on your personal thoughts and preferences. This could actually be tracked back to our primitive forefathers in which it had been often essential to respond quickly when threat approaches .

What scientists have learned is the fact that an individual's brain activity in the course of a panic attack immediately goes from the frontal section of the brain towards the midbrain , leading to the increased condition of dread and anxiety , implying that a distinct section of the brain gets a lot more activated in the course of an attack . This was proven utilizing brain scans while in panic attacks . Studies have shown blood circulation improving in the middle section of the brain where your instincts are located.

The issue is that once your panic attack starts and your increased condition of dread commences , it is rather challenging to invert the process and restore calmness . So that you can recover from panic , you will inevitably require the brain's activities to alter , or go back to the frontal section of the brain . Because of this, deep breathing could be accomplished in assisting individuals manage an attack .

Do not get me wrong, deep breathing is still necessary to make sure your brain receives all the oxygen it needs, but it is not the best way to calm you down. That is simply because deep breathing has no direct influence in the blood flow towards your brain.

The majority of researchers emphasize the needs of your brain during an attack . During these moments, your brain has shifted to panic or survival mode and so that you can regain your natural mental state ; you have to discover ways to change your mental process back to the wise section of your brain . What is more important is that you have to learn how to do this in a fraction of a second.

Does it sound complicated and challenging to you? Oh please, this is the very least difficult. All you have to do is to insure yourself that there is no need to panic and that everything is going to be alright. When you learn to do that, brain activities will suddenly shift back to where it should be – frontal lobe.

Sure this takes a lot of practice, and you may fail to do this once, twice or even thrice to perfect it, but this is the best way to scientifically deal with your disorder. So even during panic attacks brain functions alter, you can easily revert it back to how it should be.