Is it True That Lap Band Surgery Can Make You Grow Fatter?

The rising rate of obesity has increased drastically in this modern society. Statistics show that people are seriously lacking health consciousness and most of their meals ended up at the fast food counters. Many has claimed that they have too little or no time to exercise. Along with the invention of modern gadgets and devices, (elevator and remote control) people nowdays become less mobile than before.

In order to prevent potential risk of long term diseases, many turned to lap band surgery as solution. Studies have shown that lap band surgery has helped patients to sustain weight loss longer than non-surgical therapies. However many doubt over the effectiveness of this surgery and frequently seek confirmation if this surgery will make one grow fatter than he previously was.

The truth is, if you follow the lap band diet properly, you would be able to slowly decrease your weight. The weight loss procedure is taxing which requires patience and discipline. The only way you can keep the extra pounds off is to focus on the diet plan, learn to avoid high fat and fat calories foods and take in adequate minerals and vitamins for your body need.

This surgery involves placing an adjustable elastic band at the top portion of your stomach to create a smaller stomach area which would make you feel full faster. The band helps you control your food intake. If you start to gain weight, you need to visit your physician for an immediate post check up to access the root cause. It is high possibility that your band needs to be readjusted to constrict your body more so that you would not over eat.

In conclusion, lap band surgery is an effective weight loss procedure. To lose weight effectively, one need to stay active and keep an eye on his diet, also make sure your band is adjusted to a right volume that is comfortable for your body.