Is Lunchtime Liposuction Safe?

Gone are the days when women have to starve themselves to death before getting back their pre-motherhood or pre-binging figures. Instead of doing it the hard way, most people want to lose inches the fastest way possible.

One of the most popular methods for losing flab on the tummy, buttocks or even the chin is liposuction. Liposuction is the process of removing excess fat by inserting a stainless tube and pumping the fat out of the target area with the help of a vacuum.

Liposuction has become so popular that some people consider the procedure as a simple salon procedure instead of a medical matter. In fact, some people even refer to minor liposuction procedures as lunchtime liposuction.

Imagine going out of the office, not to eat lunch, but to undergo liposuction and come back in the office feeling lighter, more attractive and definitely a few inches less! However, the term lunchtime liposuction should not be take too literally because no matter how minimal the treatment required is, such a procedure also requires anesthesia.

What made people attach the term lunchtime liposuction to this procedure is because of the ease and the minimal recovery time needed by the patient after undergoing such type of liposuction. Liposuction in general requires the patient not only to be under anesthesia but heavily sedated. With lunchtime liposuction, the patient can just as easily undergo the procedure in the morning and then go home after a few hours in time for the six o’clock soap.

The commercialization and treatment of liposuction as an ordinary salon procedure has been deeply criticized by most surgeons who treat liposuction as a serious medical matter. Data show that people who die from liposuction procedures are more than those who die under other types of surgery. Experts blame this on rushed liposuction procedures like lunchtime liposuction.

Surgeons believe that no matter how popular or how common it has become, liposuction should be treated as a serious matter and not just a salon matter to satisfy the vanities of people.

More people have resorted to liposuction that some surgeons have considered it a money-making activity. For some surgeons, the more liposuction procedures they conduct in a day, the better for their pockets. However, the losers are the patients who not only get inferior liposuction treatments but who face complications and even death.

Liposuction should be safe considering the advances in the medical field. What makes liposuction dangerous is the manner by which it is treated by some surgeons and patients who look at the procedure as a swift weight loss method.

Most surgeons criticize lunchtime liposuction because it makes such a simple procedure unsafe.

Like most surgeries, liposuction carries with it some risks that can be prevented with proper preparation and procedure. However, when liposuction procedures are performed by people who do not have the required specialty and the necessary clinical set up, how can people expect liposuction to be safe?

Lunchtime liposuction may be the answer to the prayers of people who are less than perfect in terms of body measurement. However, when liposuction is treated as a salon procedure like getting a haircut or a pedicure, the procedure may no longer be adding to the confidence of the patients but adding problems to an already obese society obsessed with being thin.


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