Is Olefin Carpeting Right For You?

So your old carpeting is finally beyond the point of rescue and you have decided to replace it. Now you are faced with an endless supply of choices to choose from. How can you decide which type of carpet to replace it with? You have to consider all of the different options and choose the one that fits your needs the best. One choice is Olefin or Polypropylene. This article will give you some information on this carpet and the advantages and disadvantages to using it.

Olefin carpet is the second most popular type of carpeting sold. Only Nylon carpet is more popular. It is used in both commercial and residential applications and is also commonly used to form artificial turf in sports fields.

One of the advantages of Olefin carpet is that it is almost always solution dyed. This means that the color is added when the fiber is made and it runs all the way through the fiber. This makes it impossible to bleach or fade Olefin. Another advantage of this fiber is that it does not absorb much moisture. Because of this, it does not stain easily and it can be easily cleaned. The last advantage of Olefin is that it is relatively inexpensive. It is one of the cheapest carpets available.

The disadvantage to Olefin carpets is that they will wear easily. It is a soft fiber that will crush and mat easily. Because of this, it is best used in loop construction carpets where the construction will give it added strength. Another negative of this type of fiber is that it attracts oil and grease like a magnet. Because of this, it is not uncommon to have an Olefin carpet with dark traffic areas. Dark areas that are not easily cleaned.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to this carpet. If you do not need a carpet that will last forever and want one that does not stain easily and is reliably inexpensively this may be for you. if you however do not mind spending more money and want a carpet that will last longer, it is probably not your best choice for you.