Is Procrastination A Habit Or A Disorder

So many people fall into the trap of procrastination and so many continue to call this behavior a bad habit that needs to be kicked. Though, we are going to be looking into the term procrastination and whether it really is a bad habit or now recently it’s being addressed as a disorder.

Looking further into procrastination, let’s first define the word procrastinate. The true definition of procrastinate is to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. While this definition suggests that procrastination is a carelessness habit, others are debating this, that procrastination is a disorder.

After researching this question of whether procrastination is a habit or disorder? The results for yes, procrastination is a habit and yes procrastination is a disorder, were found. Let’s just look a little deeper into both suggested ideas.

Procrastination is a disorder: until now few but some psychologist are taking this standpoint. Some research has shown that procrastination can be linked to a physical disorder and or injury in the brain primarily located in the frontal lobe. This section of the brain controls and processes cognitive (i.e. organization, thought process, planning, attention spam, etc). This section is the most developed part and gives the person the ability to make and achieve goals in a proper manner.

This is not something you learn, but is something installed in our prefrontal cortex (PFC). So the suggestion by doctors is if the PFC is dysfunctional, and causes some problems with distractions, attention spam, organization, etc. than the underlining factors of procrastination could be a disorder of your PFC. And others are suggesting that PFC could be science’s proof of legitimate procrastination disorder.

Though, many will still argue the fact that procrastination is just a lazy man’s habit. Procrastination is not a disorder, but more of a self-handicap starting with the person themselves. For example, the person that continues to blame problems, failures, and other non-pro-activity for not succeeding. This is nothing more than lack of discipline, disorganized, lack of self-control, making excuses, and the list goes on. Therefore many will argue that procrastination is a habit.

Whether procrastination is a habit or a disorder, we do know it is a major issue in our culture and society today. The attitude you bring towards procrastination is the one that you feel is more convincing. Bottom line is we all need to overcome the obstacles that lets procrastination creep ever so slowly into our lives. We tend to find ourselves getting busier, working more, and always adding more to our life.

No matter what you want to call procrastination, the fact of the matter is, if it’s your life you need to work on putting an end to a habit or solving the disorder. To overcome procrastination starts with committing yourself, setting goals, and sticking to your goals. Only by doing this will you than become the person of action towards your goals.