Is Snow Shoveling Dangerous?

Snow shoveling used to be simple. Pick up a shovel and get to work clearing that driveway. These days it’s much more complicated. Many new models have come to the market for manually clearing snow because of health risks. Several studies have been done recently that show a strong correlation between increased risk for heart attack and shoveling snow. For sources on this, simply search the web, where plenty of studies are outlined on credible websites such as ScienceDaily. Besides heart attacks, many other injuries are correlated, such as strokes, broken bones, injured neck and back, pulled muscles and even strained ligaments.

What’s the science behind these studies? I mean really, how could snow shoveling lead to heart attacks? Well, it is usually done in bitter temperatures, and for those who are not exposed to strenuous workouts on a regular basis, shoveling can be a real shock to the heart, just like any other workout that you are unaccustomed to. Undergoing a strenuous workout with the addition of cold temperatures is what leads to increased strokes and heart attacks.

What does this mean for you? If you are older, it can be extremely dangerous and it is highly advised to find an alternative to conventional snow shoveling. There are a few easy alternatives to doing it yourself. Either have a younger friend or relative do it for you, or if that is unavailable, buy a snow shovel that will help lead to an easier, less exhausting experience. Buying smaller snow shovels and working at a slower pace is recommended, since that will lead less exhaustion than shoveling huge amounts of snow per shovel.

Since recent studies, there is a very important new shovel on the market named the “wovel.” The wovel has been tested to be the safest snow shovel on the market because of its unique design. It is named the “wovel” because of the wheel the shovel rests on. It acts as a wheel barrow of some sorts, and allows people to move snow with much greater ease and efficiency. There are many other safety benefits to the wovel because of its design, and will overall reduce stress on your body.

Shoveling snow in the winter is a daunting task sometimes. We all know that aching feeling of looking at a menacing amount of snow to be cleared in your driveway. It’s easy to grab the shovel and overexert yourself out in the cold, and I warn you against that. The last thing you want is suffering a major injury while spending some time outdoors in the snow. Once again, snow shoveling accidents are much more common than the average person would imagine, so take the necessary precautions by either buying a snow shovel that fits your needs or going at a slow and steady pace.