Is Spending Over $ 275 on Valentine's Day a Bad Decision?

Only just recently my wife and I spent $ 275 on Valentine's Day for flowers, dinner, candy, a yoga mat, cards, and balloons. We had a great time surprising each other with various gifts and the dinner especially was phenomenal. But is it all worth it?

Valentines Day has always been a time for people to spend a little extra money. But how much is too much? After spending a significant amount of money for each of the last 3 years on Valentine's, I've concluded that you can get the same amount of fun and excitement with the one you love most without spending the money.

How To Get The Most Out Of Valentine's Day Without Breaking The Bank

1. Cook Dinner Yourself – This past year we ended up spending close to $ 150 on dinner. Not that we had to Egypt
could not find a cheaper place; we just decided to eat nice for the sake of eating nice. But in the interest of making your dollar go the furthest, it makes sense to go out and buy the groceries yourself, spend the time in the kitchen to cook, and create just as good of an atmosphere (if not better) than you would get at some fancy restaurant. Trust me- your pocket book with thank you, and your partner will be just as pleased (assuming you do not burn dinner!).

2. Make The Card Yourself – Valentine's Day cards (or any cards for that matter) are over priced and not worth the expense. Why not make one yourself? Yes, even this may cause you to have to buy some colored paper, but the cost will be much better than buying a card yourself. And, on top of that, your significant other will appreciate your gesture much more because of the time it took you to make it, even if it does not look all that professional.

3. Buy Flowers For Her All Year Long – Why does V-Day have to be the only time she gets flowers? Take the time to show your significant other how much you love them by making flowers a regular thing all year long. Have you noticed how on Valentine's Day flowers tend to be much more expensive? They raise the cost 100% on flowers because they can. Why is that? Because you show up year and year and buy; it's only simple economics! If the demand is there, supply can charge what it wants until demand drops.

4. No Heart-Shaped Chocolates – They're overpriced and are not really a big hit with people anyway. Ninety-percent of the people out there do not like boxes of chocolates anyway. If your partner loves chocolate, buy them a giant-sized bag of M & Ms; they'll like it better, and you'll save more money that way.

Look- Valentine's Day comes year after and does not have to have a holiday that empties your wallet. Be good to your significant other without spending a lot of money.