Is Temptu the Best Overall Airbrush Makeup Machine?

I work for a magazine, and are sometimes asked to do some pretty random things for the boss – for instance, with some of the sweater samples we received she wanted me to wear them on my skin and tell her which ones were the most itchy.

A similar situation arose when we were given a whole bunch of airbrush makeup machines as samples. She wanted to surprise her daughter with a gift of one, but wanted the absolute best, so she made me do the testing. It was actually really fun, and I got a few of the girls over for a weekend of makeup trials. Here’s what happened.

We tried the prettiest one first. That was the Temptu brand, and it is very cute indeed. I thought the bosses daughter would love the design of this one the best, but we had a few problems with getting the actually makeup to look good, and found we had to cleanse and reapply the foundations, so maybe not the right one for Miss Snooty. The Temptu compressor was pretty powerful though, but didn’t seem to flow right with the makeup.

The Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) compressor was also pretty powerful, but one of my friends spilled foundation all over my white carpet because there was nowhere to sit the stylus on the compressor and it fell over. When it wasn’t spilling out the OCC was OK and had some great colors for doing body art, but I don’t think that is what the boss’s daughter would need it for. The OCC is one of my favorite brands of makeup, so I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t come through with in this case.

The Kett Cosmetics kit was pretty good actually, with a very good compressor and the always lovely Kett Cosmetics foundations coming through pretty well in the airbrush incarnation. The girls found that it wasn’t all that long lasting though, and the amount of partying the boss’s daughter does… well we’d need something a lot more durable.

The pick of the lot was Dinair. It was very long lasting unlike the Kett Cosmetics, and was the easiest to apply – it wasn’t as pretty as the Temptu compressor, but we found out online that there was a tiger print design special, so thought that might go down well. The coverage of the foundation was also really great, and like the OCC there were also some interesting colors. What really sold us on it though was the potential add-ons from Dinair, like a tanning kit which would be a big hit!

Actually I liked the Dinair so much started to think about getting one for myself, though I do wish it looked like the Temptu — but it certainly runs the best, so it would be my choice too.

The boss was really happy with my report on the OCC, Kett Cosmetics, Temptu and Dinair kits, and apparently her daughter loved her present. I heard through the grapevine that she now has a personal makeup artist on hand all the time, so probably has packed away her kit, but I decided to purchase a Dinair, and I use it every day and I love it!