Is The Binary Compensation Plan Fair?

When choosing a network marketing company, it’s good to know about the different compensation plans. I mean, we all want to have success in network marketing and we obviously want to choose the company with the best compensation plan.

Someone asked me about my opinion on the binary compensation plan the other so I thought I’d give my thoughts on the topic.

The binary compensation plan has it’s pros and cons for sure. However, your success in network marketing will depend more on your mindset, work ethic, and habits than it will on the pay plan.

A lot of people go crazy trying to decipher the structure of how they will get paid. It seems to me like they are looking for excuses before they even get started. Every plan has it’s pros and cons.

Successful people have the mindset for success. They will succeed in any company.

Unsuccessful people usually get caught up taking too much of the wrong actions, and would be best to focus on their mindset first, as well as implementing a solid daily plan to keep them on track.

I know people who have joined companies with a binary compensation, been placed on the ‘weak’ leg, and go on to become top earners. They did not join with the underlying thoughts that their upline would build their business for them.

I also know people who have analysed every inch of a compensation plan before joining, but did not do any actual work once they joined. They spent hours researching the plan, but never shared it.

“You become successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.”

My advice to you if you are scouring the internet looking for the best compensation plan is to first decide what your goal is, and choose the company the feels right in your gut.

Choose your company based on your vision and your long term goals. You will have more success if you base your decision on a company that is in alignment with your own vision, than if you base in on how you are going to get paid.

What is your mindset around your business? Do you have a plan to reach your goals and are your taking daily action on that plan?

You can achieve anything you desire in life if you have the right mindset, have a big goal, and take action on getting closer to your goal every day.

While researching how you will get paid is a smart thing to do, the compensation plan you end up with really is secondary to your mindset and work ethic.