Is There Any Way to Tell If a Man Has Had Thoughts of You Romantically? – Learn What to Look for!

It is a wonderful feeling when a woman finds out that the guy she has feelings for recipocrates in the same way! However she needs to know if he really likes her as much and therefore has to look for sure signs that will tell her all she needs to know! These tips will be really valuable!

Look for his intense gaze
If he is crazy about you – how will he ever be able to take his eyes and mind off you? The answer is he will not! Check and see if he always looks to be looking at you and even trying to lock eyes with you. This should tell you that he likes you a lot and wants to get into a relationship with you.

His manner around you will change
Even if he sees full of confidence and a bit of a smart aleck in the company of his friends, he will always be affected by your presence. Check and see if he gets nervous and insecure when you appear on the scene. Does he clam up and have nothing to say? Or does he blush and look like he's terrified of doing the wrong thing? Either way – it shows that he has had thoughts of you romantically!

He will try to get in touch with you
There is no way he will be able to stay away from you. Test and see how many times he has tried to get in touch with you. He will always try to speak to you and be in your company because he is simply drying to know you better! His existence and persistence in talking to you will tell you the truth about his feelings.

His curiosity about you will know no bounds
If he has thoughts about you romantically he will be turned on by you. What you wear, how you will have and details about you will affect him substantially. He will never be satisfied with what he sees – he will want to know more and will do anything to get that information.

He will hate the other guys around you
One of the commonest signs of his interest would be if he begins to resent seeing you in the company of other guys. When he shows signs that he hates the competition you can be sure that he has romantic thoughts of you and wants you for himself.

He will flirt with you
Look out for those special looks, smiles and gestures that prove that he would like to know you much better. He knows that he has to interest you and attract you as much so he will go out of his way to try and grab your attention.

Flirt with him and see if he responds at once
One of the simplest tricks in the book is to flirt with the guy. If he has had romantic thoughts of you – he will respond to you instantly! He will be guided to see you flirt with him and will take the opportunity to turn his dreams into reality.