Is Your Fear Beneficial?

Fear is described as a painful emotion caused by an anticipated anger or any negative thing. If you feed your mind with fearful thoughts, your whole system is always adversely affected. For example maybe your brother told you that he saw a snake in your garden. Whenever you go out from your house, you always think that a big snake is there to bite you. As you imagine this, your heart is probably beating faster and you begin to sweat dramatically.

Truly, your imagination can run away with you. This can destroy your sense of proportion. Fear is only in the mind but it can take control of you financially, physically and mentally.

The good thing is, you can exploit your fear to work for you once you understand how it works. There are many benefits you can obtain from it.

First, fear causes excitement. It excites you and increases your energy to do something. Experiencing fear before executing your plan is natural and not a bad thing.Actually, it produces excitement in you that motivate you to get the optimum result.

Second, fear makes you alert. If you feel fear, your agility is improved. For example, if a dog is chasing you along the street, you probably can climb a four-meter wall because of too much fear.

Third, fear increases your endurance. Your fears can double your durability. Mothers who fear for the health of their family, have their energy doubled to do things that can keep their health well.

Fourth, it makes you keener of your surroundings. If you are preoccupied with the danger that your environment can bring, you tend to observe every small detail of what is happening to you.

Fifth, fear gives you insights to what can happen to you in a particular situation. Fear allows you to imagine events that can possibly occur.

Sixth, fear prepares you for the adverse effects of situations that you may undergo.

Seventh, fear makes you resourceful. In times of fear, you start to think of different alternatives in order to solve your problems.

Eighth, fear also serves as a warning signal. For example, while you are preparing for your presentation, you feel nervous that you might stutter in front. This signals you to do your best so you keep on practicing.

Ninth, fear makes you dare. Silent people express their thoughts and feelings if the welfare of their loved ones are being affected.

Tenth, it boosts your confidence. A stage performer because she’s scared to commit errors, she practices intensely that is why she is very confident to perform.