Israel – Top 10 Biblical Landmarks of the Holy Land

Israel's Biblical Landmarks draw millions of tourists every year. Judaism, Christianity and Islam followers come to Old Jerusalem as one of the sacred places for any representative of these monotheistic religions. Israel's Holy Landmarks allow visitors from all over the world to witness incredible history in the making and sometimes reach God with their most sacred prayers.

Listed below you will find Top 10 holy places that should be seen by any traveler coming to the Holy Land of Israel.

1. Jaffa Gate is considered one of the eight entry spots to access the city of Jerusalem. It was built in 1538 by the Suleiman ruler. According to the Legend any attacker would enter the city specifically through Jaffa Gate. The gate is located at the western side of the Old City leading straight to the Armenian and Muslim quarters. Jaffa sea port had a remarkable historical and cultural significance since it served as a shipping route for delivering wood to build the temples of Jerusalem.

2. Western (Wailing) Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem is among the most important attractions of all Israel Holy Places. The wall is adjacent to the Temple Mount and is considered the holiest of all holly places in Israel to reach God with prayers. Jews from all over the world come here to pray and find peace; they also insert small pieces of paper with their most sacred wishes into the little openings in the Wailing Wall.

3. Bethlehem is considered the place where King David and Jesus Christ were born. Bethlehem is located 10 kilometers from the Old City of Jerusalem. The most significant attractions of Bethlehem are the Milk Grotto Chapel, Basilica of the Nativity and Rachel's Tomb.

4. The Sea of ​​Galilee is located within 25 kilometers of the city of Nazareth and provides a plethora of activities for any visitor to Israel. Jesus Christ used to preach at the picturesque shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee or Lake Kinneret that it is also referred as. A lot of miracles that Jesus Christ created were described to have taken place at the Sea of ​​Galilee, specifically, walking on water, taming the storm and feeding the hungry.

5. Mount of Olives is a holy place for all Jews and is named mostly for a large concentration of olive trees growing all over the mountain. Mount of Olives is a very important place since there are so many places of religious interest scattered around the surrounding areas. The Hebrew cemetery is a place where a lot of famous people through the Jewish history rest in eternal peace. The Russian Church of Maria Magdalene, Church of All Nations and Dominus Flevit Church are just a few places to visit in the Mount of Olives region.

6. Elijah's Cave is another important Holy Landmark that could be witnessed in Haifa. A lot of significant events were described to have taken place in the Elijah's Cave where the Prophet prayed and meditated. The cave is holy to many Jews and Christians due to the fact that Mary, Joseph and Jesus stayed here overnight on their way from Egypt. Elijah's Cave is located right at the foot of the Cape Carmel in Haifa.

7. Nazareth city is a must attraction for any tourist visiting Israel. According to the New Testament Nazareth was a place where Jesus spent part of his childhood. This area boasts a vast net of churches to commemorate the religious significance of this city. Do not miss the Church of the Annunciation, Mensa Christi Church, the White Mosque and Eastern Orthodox Church amongst its many attractions. Shopping at the Nazareth's Old Market is a great experience and opportunity to acquire wonderful souvenirs to take home.

8. Mount Nebo is one of many Israel Holy Places that is home to the Memorial Stone to Moses when he viewed the Promised Land. Mount Nebo opened a spectacular panorama of the Promised Land to Moses. Mount Nebo is also a final resting place for Moses and there before an important Holy Landmark in Israel.

9. River Jordan according to Judaism flows to create an eastern border for the Land of Israel. River Jordan was Jesus Christ's place of baptism by John the Baptist. Do not miss visiting this Holy Place during you visit to Israel.

10. Jericho is the City of Palm Trees and the most ancient known walled city. The story has it when Joshua entered the city the walls came down, though archeologists still have not recovered any remains of the actual walls. Cleopatra was known to favor Jericho due to a large plantation of persimmon plants that were used to manufacture the most sensual perfume that drove any man wild. The remnants of the tower and forts are considered the most precious pieces of artifacts in Jericho city. Jericho was considered an oasis in the desert and loved by wealthy people of the ancient times that used this city as their winter residence.

Visiting Israel Holy Places is a tremendous opportunity for educational and spiritual growth of every individual.